Friday, March 30, 2012


earlier tonite, before i was finished playing poker in the golden nugget, i was looking at dablackpimps website, that only exists to make me look bad, and there was not just 1, but 2 stories about me on the website written by 2 different people, neither of which was true. The first one everyone already knows about, since it was reprinted and posted by someone in the comments here in yesterdays blog post. (if u dont, u better go back and reread the comments). It claimed it was written by Mauihaole, (i mentioned it to him and he knew nothing about it, or even the guys website) and it claimed id threatened a lady and got 86ed from binions and hed seen it happen on his way into work when i was playing on the VBJ machine. not true, never happened.

and the 2nd story was written by dablackpimp, or someone else claiming to be him. (man there sure is a lot of people claiming to be others over there.) Josie, Tatude, Grouse, Koala and others arent posting over there, and neither am I, and yet a lot of people are claiming to be both them guys and others. And me. And possibly also local rock too.

DaBlackPIMP said in the comments section, that he came to Vegas for a surprise visit, to find out who the real me was, and thats why hes gonna be away from the site for 10 days. and that of course, he wasnt gonna let me know who he was, but to just observe from a distance and draw his own conclusions. and he said that i was out playing at the redrock with donkeytax. and that donkeytax had took me over there. (none of which of course was true, donkeytax hasnt been willing to hunt me out and hang out in months). if he did, it might improve my game. and he said a lot of good things about donkeytax, maybe the report was written up by donkeytax?

now i dont know why he claimed this, but he claimed i won all his money and seemed to be an allright guy and a fairly decent player, with a few flaws he went over that i needed to improve upon.

But heres the really weird part, when i came back to my room later, and went to look at the comments section one more time, the post had disappeared, although the other earlier fake post was still there. couldnt find hide nor hair of it. now he swore he didnt believe in censorship and that no matter what that anything he or anyone else posted in the comments wasnt going to be deleted. and it turns out that is not the truth at all, and he is just another hypocrite. Seems like if the comments negative or untrue towards me he leaves it, but if the comment is negative or untrue towards him or a friend of his, he immediately removes it? what a double standard.

anyway heres how tonight went. not too badly since now my rolls back to $4500 but it couldve so easily went the other way. I ended up taking some real chances.

i bought in $117 at the golden nugget, and they had a sewer leak in there that came up through the floor, and forced them to move all the tables into the back of the room and close off the entire entryway so they opened up the side door thats normally always shut. i got seated into a good seat but as always i wasnt getting cards and after an hour started getting bored. got away with one bluff, but the 2nd time, same guy, i had the same hand QT suited, and the 2nd time i got a fairly decent flop of QJ8. so i shoved, he called with 9T for nut straight, and then runner runnered a backdoor straight flush and i just left, thankful that id only bought in $117. i think as lousy as ive been doing at poker i need to start LOWERING my buyins instead of raising them. would keep me from going on tilt for a large amount if i couldnt raise my buyin after a loss.

So i went into Binions, and ending up sitting in a 4-5 handed $3-6 limit game for 30-40 minutes. no idea why i sat there, but i actually won $22 in that game before it broke.

And i wish u could order regular food between 3am and 6am at binions, i hate the way they shut down at the only times i really enjoy eating (when the cafe isnt crowded as fuck). my fridge is empty now but considering i must checkout saturday for sure not a big deal.

and i had my host arrange it today to check back in on monday for 14 days again. ill only owe $162 for the 2 weeks, and the normal charge is $245 a week, just goes to show u how many of the days they picked up for me. and since i now have about $515 in comps, ill have no problem paying for it with comps. they always make u wait until u check out to settle up the bill.

I play too much and earn more comp dollars than i really need or can use, and i should play the VBJ much less. only enough to earn 300 points a day and thats it. I do need $10-15 a day for food though. and i could eat up $20 since i have a fridge.

and after 2am, when i left the poker game at Binions, i walked over to the VBJ machine and Thank God that time it was empty. so i put my card in all 5 spots, and $100 in each and started playing, varying my bet and starting off with 1 hand of $3 minimum bet. I did NOT use the notebook and flat bet because i just didnt feel like it, and decided to wait and do it tomorrow because tonite i was stuck and needed to recover some money. so i start off ok, and am actually winning a little bit, when this one very young and very good looking girl walks up that looks like she could be working as a hooker or in need of money. she was wondering if i had a seat i could give up on the VBJ, and i didnt want to, (i was a little afraid she only wanted to play cause she seen how much money i had in there divided among all 5 spots---over $1000) and she then asked me how long id be on it and i said about 15 more minutes, not knowing if that would be true at all. although i was planning to get off it while up a little bit. She told me she had driven up there from Rosamond CA and i dont know where thats at in cali, at first i mispelled it too. and then she said she knew thats a good machine to play.

hmm, i was wondering after she walked away, just what she meant by that.

anyway i continued to win, and at one point hit up all 5 hands for $56 each, and the dealer busted. got back all id lost in both cardrooms for the day, and actually got back some of the nites loss yesterday. i made around $500 on that machine which id not have made had she not walked away. anyway i seen her on a regular reel slot machine close to the cafe, when i left the VBJ, and there was also 1 other very good looking young woman with her. now i didnt know if they were a gay couple, a couple working girls or strippers up to vegas to work, or just what. I told her the machine was available now and how good id done, and how happy i was to win and how much i needed the money and a little about me and why i couldnt go play the machine up the street at the las vegas club, and how i made my living. i got her email address and her facebook info, and sat and talked for a few minutes, she said she hasnt been up to vegas too much, and didnt really know the correct BJ strategy when quizzed, but she just likes that machine. also she said she sometimes has gone to casinos in cali but not much. she is 28. looks younger. she said she comes up to vegas about once every 2 months for a few days. never did ask what she did for income. asked her if she had played poker and she said no. she said i had way more money than she did. but she kind of understood why i worry about money, and she said she realized i was using some kind of system on the machine so she didnt press the issue about sitting down and me giving up a spot. she gave me a hug goodbye and was very friendly and nice. but i dont think they were hookers, they didnt wear the right shoes. although she seemed to understand what i was talking about when i explained how a regular gf would be way more fun and affectionate to meet than a hooker would be. i asked her when she would be able to see her email and she said when she returns home on sunday. she probably thought it odd i asked for that instead of a phone.

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