Wednesday, March 7, 2012

in sickcallmggees car on the highway back to laughlin

always knew id be coming back to laughlin anyway, (after grabbing all the free play and the $2000 stored at the rio) because my room was still good in laughlin til friday, and i left all my clothes etc in my room here in laughlin cept for 2 clean shirts and also becuase i left $3000 of my money stored for safekeeping in my safe deposit box here at the river palms. this was something i had to do so id be free to leave laughlin immediately for the east coast where they dont have the VBJ machines. besides i have to go to louisiana before may to try and get my new uptodate id before it expires.

anyway i decided to leave as soon as i took a big drop at VBJ at the river palms, which i did yesterday morning. (went down to $6300 from $7200). then i paid sickcallmggee another $150 to ride me up to and around all over vegas, plus i gave him one of my 2 free rooms. and if i return to vegas i still have $314 in comp dollars at binions to get about 10 days worth of rooms. arrived in vegas with about $6300 and after paying him and claiming all the free play, i was over $6450. slept about 5 hours at the rio, and then he came to pick me up and take me to the golden nugget after he slept. and i sat in a good loose action game which he talks about on his blog.

i lost the rest of my stack with AK vs AQ, all the money went in preflop and the action player sucked out. sickcall was saying what an afwul player that guy was. earlier id tried a bluff at his suggestion that didnt work out. he claims i dont bluff nearly enough.

and then i went to check out the info on the VBJ machine at binions. sure enough, the payout has been changed to 3-2 on it and im surprised, because they give 0.33% cashback compared to laughlins 0.10% and also they give $2 in comps back for every $1 cashback. only difference is thier machine shuffles every single hand, making counting useless. and it also stands on soft 17. so its $99.61 payback, plus 0.33% cashback, and comps too making it over 100% but only with comps, cashback isnt over and u cannot count the cards. but u lose only about 5-10cents for every $100 ran and u get more in comps, so its good only for getting rooms. but u must play very low stakes. and dont forget the added small value of doing the spin to win promo, sometimes u win free play doing it once u run $2400 in total play through their machines. (300 points) its one point for every $8. $320 in total play which is 40 points equals $1 cashback and $2 comps.

so theroretically i would not be hurt playing that machine, as long as i needed rooms. but thats if i had the discipline to limit my bets to small amounts like $1-10 which i do not. for i bet too much and he seen me lose 5 bets of $50. so now my rolls down to $5300 or less (also got charged cell phone bill) ive lost most of my money on machines due to severly overbetting for my roll. i did it after losing $360 at the nugget in a good game, not being able to ever get any good cards.

whoever posted that on my blog, im surprised theyve even looked at the payback and knew about the new payback, since they probably dont play themself. not really sure which machine is better, the new binions one with much better comps and cashback, or the one in laughlin with poor comps and cashback, but doesnt shuffle every hand giving u a chance to track the cards.

really not sure how long ill be in laughlin or where ill go or what ill do to not go broke. $5200 isnt too bad of roll for poker, ive been worse off in my life. wish i could discipline myself to not bet so much when im behind, could still use some counseling. will be glad when NV has online poker up and running. and i see the lights of laughlin coming up in 2 miles. finally got internet access on my laptop again from his car. its spotty out in the open mountains.

also i still need to talk to an attorny too about suing a guy for defamation of character and misusing my name without permission. wouldnt be neccessary if people would work with me instead of being a jerk. and first things im going be doing all day is getting an awful lot of sleep.

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