Friday, March 9, 2012

ive got some decisions to make

sitting in my room, playing on BCP with the $20 i just deposited, tried to look for josies reload bonus code but gave up, while on there i started browsing a few others blogs ive never read and started reading. and i see that other sites already made a new post about me, but ive not yet read it, or any of the emails ive received in the last hour since sending josie and mom that final email. and most of the last hour or 2 before i went back to my room i was downstairs on the VBJ machine, where i managed to win $100 approximately and now my rolls at $5800.

i feel bad about the following email i sent mom on facebook, right before i changed my facebook password, blocked her on facebook so she couldnt message me, (i got so tired of all the things she posted on my wall also people thought were from me, and her talking about Jesus to a girl id met at the poker table and the girl and her friends probably thinking it was me) but she needs to GET HER OWN DEBIT CARD, and not try and force me to order things for her all the time. i really should do something for her birthday but what? id like to buy her a debit card and send it to her, and i certainly cant afford the $103 it wouldve cost me to buy them 4 pairs of shoes she wanted me to order. and since i may not be around and be on the road, i dont want to be stuck sitting around this area waiting on a check either. dont want to have to ever go back into vegas at all. tired of being where people know me everyday. it effects my poker game, and seriously effects my chances of winning. would be very easy to win out on the east coast. also im afraid the temptation to play that machine in vegas, now that the payback is much better and with comps would pay over 100% would be too much for me.

sickcallmggee will be taking me to the laundrymat any minute.

--------------removing u from facebook friends list and blocking u, have changed my password, and deleted my farmtown and farmville accounts since i never used them. also called up tmobile and had them change my phone number. ive got friends upset with me i play poker with because they think its Me preaching at them instead of u. i dont need this aggravation. im 43 years old, no one has the right to boss me around and order me to do something i dont want to do, and instead of just accepting the word no, u want to try and hold a knife to my throat and force me to do it against my will. thats not gonna happen and ill get on ur wall and post about it in detail to all ur friends how u dont believe its morally right to use a debit card and they will think u are a fool.

also im dropping out of sight. closing all my online social media accounts. (dont think its because of u.) planned this 2 days ago. someone has been harrassing me online, and i need to disappear. closing every website i post in, and all the websites i use to communicate with people, and i hope those few hundred thousand readers all forget all about me before any more problems are created for me. no longer will anyone be seeing things i post on various sites and know where ill be playing poker at if they want to find me. am boarding the amtrak to the east coast later today and disappearing out of sight and will be playing poker will no one i dont want to know will ever find me again. will find cheap housing in a small town near a casino in the middle of a state thousands of miles away where all my regular readers and followers everyday who post deragatory insulting comment about me on a poker webblog i follow will never know how to reach me ever again. just wanted to say goodbye. its why i wont be able to receive any mail anymore. took all my money out of the cage at the rio when i left vegas, and am not ever coming back.
the above (between the lines) was the message i sent mom on facebook before i blocked her and now i can no longer send messages. and this is what she later sent me.


Am so sorry to hear all of this. By blocking me u caused face book to not let me invite friends for the next 30 days which means u caused me a lot of trouble and I really don't know of anything I did wrong.
You know that I deeply care about you and want only the best for you. I over look most of your wrong thoughts and comments to me and about me because I realize that you and Mark have a serious mental handicap where neither of you can understand things correctly. My heart has always went out to people like you and Mark. Believe me Tony, when I say, I only want the best for you and Mark. It is so hard for me to keep silent and let you and Mark destroy yourselves. I can understand why u have so much trouble communicating with others. That is due to AUTISM. Autism is a communication disorder. That is why I bought special literature to teach Mark the difference between how, when, what, where, etc. words. Other people in the world do not understand people like u and Mark unless they have been trained to understand or u nless they have had someone in their family with autism.
Wherever u go son, please stay intouch with Mark and I . You owe that to both of us. We care about you and like you. Please don't hurt Mark more by not letting him know where you are.
What do u want me to do about the shoes? Shall I give Roy a check or

------------------------now why would she still ask about the shoes, when i made it obvious i wouldnt do it and that was the cause of the whole issue in the first place?

and as far as mark is concerned, im furious about the way she raised him to believe gambling is wrong and a sin, and he has no interest in my poker life. which i guess is Me and my life since thats the only life i know and i have no life outside of poker. would like to someday have a son who could share my likes and interests need to start fresh with someone else if im ever married to Britni. u see i feel like im not accepted by him because of his religious beliefs. (same as some people feel about me i guess which is so funny). and thats why i dont really want anything to do with him until he no longer believes gambling is sinful.

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