Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life back in vegas

last night started off with me making up a little after 5pm, and poker grump sending me an email that he was heading out to the Trop Cannon game, and wanted to know if id like a lift. so at 6.30pm him and i went over there. shannon herself was feeling sick, and only her husband and the other players were there. and also some big horse tourney was going on, with several pros, such as kathy liebert and lacey jones in it.

grump and i played for a few hours, and he left with $37 profit, and i left with $181 profit. and then he asked me if i wanted something to eat, and he drove me by a taco place and bought us both food on the way back downtown. which was nice of him, and i was sure to thank him.

after a few hours in my room i left and went over to the golden nugget, and won a little in there, but it took a while before i started winning. Mjpitts and some trop, formerly IP dealers were along with him and also playing at my table. and the game was pretty loose, there were some others who wasnt that good at the table also.

by the time i returned to my room, this time with food from binions to go to sleep after 6am, my roll was back over $4900. also it seems like Josie no longer runs a private tourney monday nites?

while playing some online sngs, there was quite a bit of commotion outside my room at the 4 queens. i heard a woman yelling for security but i couldnt tell if it was in the hallway or another room. so i called them on my room phone, and a couple minutes later i heard an officer in the hallway, so i finally felt safe opening the door, and i seen another security officer holding some black guy against the wall. and some white woman down the hall who looked afraid. the officer yelled at me to go back in my room, after id commented "just curious whats going on out here". (actually i opened the door because i was curious what the woman looked like and the guy, and wanted to know who they were if i seen them again that day). i listened inside the door for a little while, seems the black guy had hit her, and i heard him telling security it was his wife and they had 6 kids. and he claimed that she had also hit him. last i seen they were taking him downstairs no idea what ever happened. i only looked thru the keyhole and never left the room again.

experiences like this, which ive seen a lot more of than others whove never spent a lot of time in very bad neighborhoods, have a lot to do with why i feel the way i do about certain issues. that is why i want to take care of and make sure women are ok and not around black thugs. sickcallmgee claims its not really blacks i dislike, which might be true since mark (new Trop tourney dealer) has always been nice. who i know from bills and osheas. scmg claims its young thugs that i really dislike and dont understand why women flock to them. which is true, because i am afraid of young thugs myself and am afraid of lots of whites once i see they are young, and like booze and drugs, and like to fight. so yeah i am afraid of thugs, mostly because they always picked on me as a kid in school, etc.

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