Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lots of things get me really pissed off

sitting in my room eating 1 of the 3 cobb salads i purchased at binions this morning with the voucher from the daily spin to win from my points. Just left the game at binions, and i should be happy with the results of the day, but really im not at all. my rolls back to $5000. but when i sat down in the game i was up $78 from the VBJ machine, and by the time i left the poker game, i was up $98 for the day. and at one point i was ahead well over $300 in that game, but i went and gave back almost all of it. not sure exactly when i shouldve got up and left the game, felt like it was too soon to come back to the room. and then when i did come back to the room, i lost the entire $25 on BCP again.

enclosed is one of the hands that took a large portion out of my stack. This one black guy and his black gf sitting behind him on the other end of the table. guy is dressed like he has money, and has several $100 bills on the table. flop comes up AJ5 and he had called my preflop raise to $15. (i had AQ). i bet $25 on the flop and he calls. everyone else got out. turn comes J, i checked, and he bets $50. what should i do here? i'd caught him bluffing once, as had others. i called, and the river is 9. i checked, he bets $100, i call, and he has the J.

and i had already given back over $100 before that hand, and after that hand i left on the next BB.

when i first sat down, i was wondering if that guy had stole my seat, and when i got seated i was in the 10 seat and moved to the 8 seat about 30 min later at the first opportunity. (i was first up) and from s distance near the snack bar, it looked like him and his gf just walked up to an empty seat, but i wasnt 100% sure they hadnt already been playing. but if they sat without the floors permission, i shouldve had that seat to begin with.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ told you that I do not want nor understand these dumb cards and at my age I cannot handle the stress of using them. I am under enough stress the way it is and any more stress is dangerous for me.
I will use it tomorrow for grocies at Walmart only if u activate it for me before 8pm central time. If not I am going to send it back to you and do without a birthday gift. The phone # to activate it is xxx-xxx-xxxx.
The front #is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx whatever that means and the back # is xxx whatever that means.
would much rather send it back to you and have you just give me $40. worth of farm town cash. that would be much sweeter and kinder of you and make me a lot happier for my 70th birthday.

----- ----- and some other similar messages. now after going to all that trouble to make sure she could order things online without ever having to bother me again (and also to have a way to transfer money to her without having to go thru the terrible inconvenience of mailing it to her) all my efforts are nothing but a big waste of time and sickcallmggees time. and i used to get pissed at Britni for something similar, (Britni also never would go out and get one of them prepaid debit cards to give me a way to transfer money to her when she needed it.) nor would she ever go and pick up a WU. (and id have to reclaim it). she claimed that wu had said it didnt exist. this was years ago.

and last i heard mom is mailing me BOTH cards the walmart moneycard company sent her, both the one in my name and the one in her name. at least i have an address again since im back in town.
I don’t want to mess with the card period. it is to confusing and frustrating for me. So I already put both cards in an envelope for u 10 mins. ago and licked it shut and then I taped it also to mail back to you.
From: Tony Bigcharles
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 6:59 PM
Subject: hi

if u dont want to use the card to make ONLINE purchases, just take the card to a local store in lyons and buy food with it at the grocery store or u can do that at walmarts too. u have $37 for ur birthday, maybe $35-36 if theyres a small fee to use it. i dont have any more money available to spend other than what i already spent. and send me the other card i need it as a safe way for ME to store money without using my bank acct to store it. up to several thousand cash can be stored on these cards.

and i cant use the card to put $40 on her farmville because theres only $37 on the card because of the $3 monthly fee. all i can do with the card is store money on myself. i cant even use it to deposit money on BCP because it only allows VISA to deposit instead of mastercard.

i did find out one piece of good news. the annoying paper i found underneath my door, which i once found under my door at the iP last year, in which its all a scam and claims if u watch a travel presentation video for 60 minutes, u will receive $200 in casino free play or $100 cash and some free show tickets on the strip. now of course that isnt true, and they do all kind of things to disqualify u, although it says that anyone can do it on the paper. u dont qualify if u arent a married couple, or have a cc instead of a debit card, or an income of at least so much.

anyway the point im getting to is i always used to blame the CASINO for passing out the flyers. but the security at the 4 queens said they dont have permission to put the flyers under the doors, and if they catch them, theyd go to jail for doing it. wonder if its the same at IP?

i just asked if they knew anything about what was going on last nite in my hallway but i asked a guy at the desk on a different shift, he said he didnt know anything about it, and since i noticed one of them flyers on his desk, i mentioned the flyer too.

anyway i am REALLY GLAD that the casino management is not taking part in promoting and encouraging this fraudulent practice. and is anyone else annoyed by these flyers and possibly also unable to do them, or receive any free money as advertised?

also im mad at google and need the assistance of missing flops, or PPP the attorney. google CLOSED my adsense acct and refused my appeal. and they never were willing to show me once in the terms and conditions no matter how often i asked where i violated the terms of anything. i never once clicked on any links i wasnt supposed to. and how can they legally block checks on the way (says they put stop payments on them) for money u have already earned fair and square? i explained why the blog was made private and that i was soon opening it back up, and i never did anything wrong. and once google does this u cannot ever contact them in anyway to ask what u did against the terms and open another adsense account. i should have had the right to shut down the blog at any time and still get paid for previous money owed to me.

i dont see how mom can take good care of mark, with him being an adult and still having the ability to do it 5-10 yrs from now, if shes too dumb to be able to use a debit card. and its totally unfair of her to always expect others to do things for her when she could order things herself with a debit card.

and besides the 4 things i talked about in this blog pissing me off, heres an asshole comment by wec on that other site.

March 21, 2012 at 4:47 am

I see TBC does not disappoint his readers with some fresh bigotry and racism. Maybe I will send TBC a care package that includes a White Sheet, so he can feel close to the group that can really embrace him.

seems WEC doesnt care about the life and safety of a woman whose being attacked, and thinks its "racism" if u call the police and make sure she is ok. for thats what he called what i did last nite, is racism. now maybe if the attacker had been white instead of black, i mightve been more inclined to think it was none of my business to get involved, because the girl wouldve felt like someone elses property instead of mine, but the point is all that is MOot because when i called security i didnt know the guy was black. all i heard was a woman yelling for security. im just saying, wouldnt any woman want a guy to call security for her? even akgal if she was being attacked, or would she want me to just let it go as long as the attacker was black?

i just dont see how any thinking woman in her right mind would think im guilty of mistreating women, as much as ive done to try and take care of them all the time and make sure they are always ok. women in the old days used to want a man who would love them and stand by them no matter what, why arent women like this today? have they all been brainwashed by the liberal pc crowd?

also when i was on the VBJ, at one point i was up over $120, but a guy walked up (some foreignor with 2 women) and started to sit in a spot i had money in (cannot believe people really that blind and dumb not to see a card and credits in a machine). so he then sat in the spot on the other side. then he made a dumb hit on 12 against 5 and it caused me to get a 4 on my 11 double down instead of the 10 he busted with, and then the dealer made a hand when she wouldve broke, and what pissed me off more than losing the hand was the one other player on the far end whod been winning along with me and not saying much up til that point tell him no worries that he was ok he messed up the hand, when to me (with all my goddamn money at stake) its not okay at all. if u dont know how to play, dont sit at a machine with other people.

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