Thursday, March 22, 2012

ok theres poker content in this blog tonite.

not a good day, i started the day with $5000, and ended it with $4300, although at one point in the day i was at $4000 only. and of course, ive still got $0 on BCP til i break down and deposit. i lost over $650 of it on the VBJ at binions, the same VBJ id made about $200 on since returning to vegas. that was AFTER id lost $320 in the binions poker room on tilt from losing the first $200, and then later i lost the other $450 or so.

one hand that really hurt me at binions, a guy raises preflop to $8 and i call him with AQ hearts. flop comes a23 in clubs. he bets $20 and i have position on him, and made it $65. and he comes over the top for about $80 more. now i didnt think he had a flush, so i was surprised by his reraise. i was stuck too much to fold, so i called, called another $100 on the turn of 9 diamonds. and K hit the river, which i didnt like, because i thought he might have KK with one club. turns out he had a3 suited for 2 pair. we both checked the river. after leaving binions i went back to my room, after id left on the machine that is. i went back to my room with food to eat from the $20 voucher i got by doing the daily spin promo for 300 points. i got Nicole to pick up 3 of my nights, so i now will owe about $260 instead of $366 when i leave march 27. and i have $400 in comps now. (Had $317 when i came back from laughlin). earlier in the day id went back to the 4 queens to withdraw $1000 more out of the safe deposit box in the lobby.

sat in my room earlier and seen Josie win a lot of money in a tourny. that was before i left about an hour later and sat in the game at the golden nugget with $207. (this was right after id sent grouchie an email intended for Britni). i wasnt playing hardly any hands at all at the golden nugget early on and the table was quite loose as usual. more so than usual. i had the $207 up to $229 at one point, and slowly was drifting away to under $200 again. and once i laid down 44 in EP knowing there would be raisers, and sure enough a guy makes it $10 and 2 call. flop comes 246 and theres all kind of action, then 8 on turn, and 9 on river, and id have won a monster pot, JJ took it down.

another time, i folded AJ where id limped in eP to mid position, and a guy made it $12, i folded, and the flop comes AAQ everyone checked, turn comes J, original raiser bets, and the other guy folds.

but heres the hand that got me out the door with $471 as soon as the BB got back to me. id just stole a guys straddle with $15 preflop, 2 callers, and a continuation bet of $35 on a flop of AJQ (had Aq suited) took it down. anyway the very next hand, i had KK, and raised again saying i had an even better hand this time, and i got 3 callers. flop was 79J, not the best flop and all check to me. i bet $48 2 callers. turn comes 3 and theres a flush draw out there. checked to me, and im a little afraid but i shove, i do not like to give free cards, and have often wondered if thats one of my leaks. one guy calls, and he never showed but hed been winning a lot of huge pots, and i thought he might have like AJ JT or lots of outs with like AT with the flush draw. hes the guy who laid down the winner earlier when i tried a failed bluff. and i got called too, and A6 no pair had me beat. and 9 paired the river and i won a huge pot.

and now im in room resting and updating my blog before i forget the details. also a women id talked to a few times last year from cali contacted me online out of the blue, someone she knows is in the hospital in vegas, and she told me she might be downtown late tomorrow afternoon. someone i used to think might be taken but dont seem to be anymore. she asked me how i was doing. ive not talked to her much at all, but met her online only before thru an online site.

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