Tuesday, March 27, 2012

short and sweet

im gonna head back out so i wont write a long post, since i dont have any money on BCP. got my host to extend my room 4 more days so instead of my checkout date being mar 27 it will be saturday march 31. (14 day limit) not sure yet what ill be doing saturday nite. patrick also offered to comp some of the weekend days so ill owe less than the $245 a week, more like $145 a week. and of course i have the comp dollars to cover it, $438 in comp dollars now.

i am down $123 for the day. but had i not played the VBJ machine, i would be down MORE. u see i lost $203 in the nugget poker room, and then lost $210 in the binions poker room. made it looks like close to $300 on the VBJ, and overall im still up on binions VBJ machine since returning to vegas.

new roll is $4700. and although i wish will would posted that HH on my blog instead of the other guys blog, i dont remember the hand its been too long ago. as far as that goes, if i ran into will, i wouldnt remember him either. i do remember a hand at binions today. i had 66 and limped under the gun. several callers, and then the button straddler made it $19, which i knew he would do no matter if he had a hand or not. 1 guy calls, i shoved allin for $144 to make it look like AA, and the button straddler exposed his J5 and instantly called. well if i cannot win outright id much rather be up against J5 than J7. finally after taking forever this one black guy from cali folded who lost over $1000 in the game and was rather loose. it was a good flop for me, no facecards, no 5, turn was safe, and then the J hit the river. then the guy said he only called because he knew me, had played with me, and knew i was a idiot who didnt know how to play, in which case the floorman Paul then told him he cant be saying that.

also, ran into david shapiro standing in line at the slot club booth picking up my $25 free play from the daily spin to win promotion for getting in my 300 points. and also i got the $20 food voucher, which i used for tonites food which i just ate.

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