Friday, March 23, 2012

some good news for a change

went over to the golden nugget and sat down with $120. as usual wasnt getting many hands to play early on. finally the crazy russian guy from syria with the very large roll who also likes to be gone a long while playing pit games came and sat down. the one who said the other day how he hated right wing religious republicans so much, not knowing that im one.

anyway by that point i think i was up, but i dont remember how much i had in front of me and what id won with. i do remember this guy does an enormous amount of heavy betting and bluffing. i called and won a big pot against him once with AQ (it was nice to be on the button on his immediate left). he bets $17 preflop, i call. flop comes QQ6 and i call $45. turn comes 3rd small diamond 7 and i call with my lone ace of diamonds his allin. he only had a9 offsuit.

another hand i flop 2 pair with QT and raise his $15 bet to $50 and he calls with nothing but bottom pair with his 58 offsuit. turn comes 8 and he shoves, i call, luckily he doesnt have a set or striaght and my 2 pair beat his 2 pair, and i boat up anyway.

by then ive got over $750 in front of me. (this guy i think lost $1000-2000). and i order some food and while im waiting forever for them to call and tell me its ready, and worry about giving back the entire win, the final hand comes up against this guy and right afterward the game is so shorthanded it breaks and combines to other tables.

i call his usual $17 preflop raise with KJ clubs and the table is like 5 of us. flop comes K92 and i call $40. (am wondering if im doing right by not reraising him and only calling all the time, but i get worried about getting reraised). turn comes 5 and i call again $125. river comes 9. he shoves allin for $253 more. i sit there thinking forever because i think this time ill be beat and give back most all the profit. surely he knows i have a king? so i ask him if he will show if i fold. he says nothing, bad sign. i finally show my K again he says nothing. then i finally show my KJ. by then its been well over 2 min, no ones asking for the clock yet and they normally dont allow a clock here. he tells me i keep worrying about the K and what i should be worried about it the 9. ok now i know he wants me to fold. then he tells the dealer my hands dead cause i showed. no its not dead and the dealer tells him its not. now i think hes hollywooding and wants a call. anyway i finally call. he only has 77 and i won, and then he asks the floor to rule my hands dead. the floorman says my hand is NOT dead, and gives me the pot. only at hooters do they not let u show a card, maybe tx station also. i dont know of any others. the guy kept saying i folded by turning over the cards. yet if he had won hed said nothing and took my money. what an angle shooter.

and he left broke after that hand. and i went to pick up my food and carried it to the room. now im gonna go back out and hopefully find a friend been waiting to hear from on facebook.

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