Tuesday, March 27, 2012

starting to grow again

finally a good day, but im still far far worse off than i was the other day and im getting some bad news from my bank account when i checked it online. seems like the money i remember paying in CASH in laughlin in the hosts office so it would NOT show up on my bank card, over a full week later after i checked out of my hotel, the charge was finally finalized on my credit card, and i got charged the exact amount all over again. this is why i really hate it when they make u wait so long for the charge to finally show up on ur card instead of it doing it right away so u can catch mistakes, and now im afraid she wont remember me paying her in cash, will call her first thing tomorrow but im not even sure if she works that day of the week and i think i can only reach her like 11am to 7pm.

i found my 2 unused extra tiny notebooks and wrote down todays results at poker in one of them. the other one is for VBJ and i have not played that as of yet today, was waiting til after 2am since i already did the spin for todays 300 points and without the spin i shouldnt play. besides the machine wont be nearly as likely to be full of people after 2am either. they took out all of the machines but one when they made the payouts better. what i was going to do was try something ive never done and am uncomfortable with, just as an experiment. i was gonna flat bet 800 hands of $3 each, (but do 5 hands at once to vastly speed it up). and then quit once the total bet reaches $2400 for the 300 points. i hate flat betting, but ill see if it helps to reduce variance. what i should expect for $2400 in total bets is a loss of $9.60 in cash, then get $7+ cashback, almost $8, and over $15 in comp dollars. and also get maybe a $10-20 food voucher, and if im lucky $10-50 in free play. which is why i say it will pay out over 100% if u count the value of all the comps.

i hear now that arkansas also has poker rooms now, but its all electronic games? (plus vbj).

so yeah i thought id improved my bankroll tonite to $4700 from $4200 but it looks like all i did was improve it to $4600 unless this gets fixed. i did improve my BCP balance just a little, its now at $78 from the $57 i last deposited onto it yesterday (which was part of the days drop).

readership sure is growing on here. up to 66 subscribers now, more than Josie or Grump. and im still wondering what ill be doing on saturday when my 14 days here is up and i must be out for 2 days. of course i dont have to be hauling any luggage around, i could leave that at the bell desk. and just bring nothing with me but a laptop and 2 shirts.

the other day, when i passed $6000, i felt rich again and felt like i could finally take a night off if i wanted to, and hang out with a girl from online, but now i feel dead broke again and will until i get over $6000 again. so im not trying to talk to anyone ive talked to before anymore this week.

oops, i went and hit submit post way too soon by accident, so now im fixing it. everyone will have to read it twice, if all theyve seen is the above. i wanted to talk about tonites $450+ win at the golden nugget, where ill probably be heading back over to soon. originally i sat at a table seat i didnt want, and Nate offered to move me to an end seat at any table soon as one opened. very nice guy. one soon opened at the main front table, in seat 3, so i took it. now the guy in seat 4 was over too far my way, i hardly had any room to get my chair in because his was in the way, and he falsely claimed the previous dealer said he was to be centered between the cup holders instead of in front of them (not true). anyway i finally got him to move over a little, and then the lady in the 2 seat came back was kicking my foot under the table and then looking under the table instead of apologizing to me, and i always hate it when people do that. and she moved seats to the table her husband was at a few minutes later, and she always seems to move from my tables and that pissed me off too. i moved my feet over in case they were in her way, but id felt more like doing it had she said something like she didnt mean to kick me. as soon as she moved i moved to seat 2 which had way more room. it usually does because the guy in seat one usually dont try to seat closer to seat 2 like the guy in seat 4 always seems to sit as close as possible to seat 3. but the 1 seat usually tries to sit close to the dealer instead of seat 2.

anyway i made a bad call preflop with TT after raising to $15. (id only bought in for $143) about 1 30th of my new roll. 3 limpers, then an older asian guy makes it $80 after wanting to know what i have behind. 5 of us see the flop. and i really feel like i should fold instead of calling so much of my stack. flop comes TJ4 with 2 diamonds. i shove, everyone folds to him, he calls. and my hand holds up on the river and he mucks and i ask to see the muck and it turns out all he had was AK of spades? good info to know for the future and i dont need some jackass giving me a hard time for asking to see the hand.

and i also cannot remember any of the hands as usual, but i flopped 1 or 2 sets, and also won a pot with aa when i was worried postflop my aa might no longer be good. somehow and i cannot remember how but i somehow got it up to $615 when i finally cashed out, worried about the big stack in seat 3 who played with me lots of times and is good.

one bad fold i made to seat 3. i had JJ raised to $10 preflop, got like 3 callers. flop comes 336. i bet seat 3 raises, and all fold to me. i folded my overpair after he says he will show me because i was totally convinced he too had an overpair, and i thought preflop he was thinking of reraising. sure enough, he did have an overpair i read him right and made whats usually a good fold, only not this time as his overpair was 10-10. still i think in the long run thats a good play.

and i started to realize i had way more money on the table than i should for as low as ive let my roll get so i decided to leave. also sickcallmggee will be picking up his car thrusday finally heard from him.

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