Saturday, March 24, 2012

still winning.

am sitting in my room playing an online sng while i update my blog, and my rolls now up to $6200. won $99 today at the nugget pokeroom, although at one point i was up $185. made a bad call with AQ no diamond on a board Q hi and 3 diamonds. a guy bets $50 leaving $40 behind, a young kid from OK with some friends and theyd just sat down and i had no idea how he played, still i shouldnt have called. they looked like just a couple of good old boys from the south. a safe turn card comes, so i put him all in, and of course hes flopped the flush.

but i still left with a profit, and it seems like once i start having winning days, (or losing days) i continue to have winning days (or losing days). everything seems to always come in streaks. lets hope this one continues as long as possible. games are so good downtown i dont need to go out to the riviera and have to deal with the city bus.

the woman from facebook i met last night didnt work out, so i removed her from yahoo messenger and facebook, no point in bugging her if we arent compatible. why is it the only women who ever write me except for Britni are ones severly overweight? i dont mind if a womans somewhat overweight, say 10-50 pounds, but why always 100 or more

and last nite, after i made the earlier post about the $1000+ win, i went back over to the nugget and won about $600-700 more. thats why i have as much as i do now. a bunch of it was won off the same syrian russian guy as before. its been my biggest poker only win in 1 day in a very long while.

and i ended up giving mom $50 on farmtown for her birthday and i readded her to my friends list on facebook.

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