Sunday, March 11, 2012

sure wish i had some money on BCP

just got back from picking up my laundry with sickcallmggee, and he convinced me to throw away a shirt thats got a hole in it. i dont like doing that, because the less shirts i have, the more often i have to do laundry but he thought the hole looked bad. also since im broke again on BCP, i dont want to be in my room too much cause i get bored posting if im not able to play online at the same time. but at least now ive got a large supply of clean laundry again that wont run out for awhile.

heres an important thought, who are people who i can add to this blog, who can be trusted not to copy and paste it onto the other site?

still living at the river palms, but really need to talk to my host when she gets back in on tuesday to see about if my $80 a week offer is still good, she is surprised im not losing, and i hope i dont get banned from getting comped because im winning.

i hope i wont be charged $155 just for those 5 days. and im barely hanging onto $6000. a lucky $400+ win a couple days ago helped considering the money i spent on mom, laundry, paying $89 for 4 of them days, and the $100 i lost in yesterdays tourney.

i decided to get in on the last minute becuase scmg talked me into it. it was a good deal, over 200 people, and not the usual tourney players. and it was pretty deepstacked and slow blinds without the huge cost it would be in vegas. thought it a good way to get experience. started off doing good early. then got bored when not having any decent hands, tried to bluff with 55 once when i thought a guy was weak who probably wasnt as weak as i thought, and then later with a bad allin against another raiser with 67 suited.

u cant lose ur patience when playing long tourneys and u shouldnt try to bluff either.

still dont think laughlin is the best place for me long term, but i like not having to move rooms or commute. the poker here is so lousy i really need to be if not on the east coast, at least in vegas. im just afraid i might be tempted by much worse paying machines if i leave. But here ive been playing too much, and what if i take another loss to $5000? i have been playing lower stakes and not raising my bet at the first sign of a plus count, now ive waiting for a much higher plus count. could be whats helping, or could just be variance. a total of over $40,000 run thru the VBJ, and still up over $3000. (last 3 weeks altogether).

also scmg introduced me to buying some kiwis to eat when he stopped at walmart. ive not eaten those and they are really good.

i wouldve liked to had gone out east, but it seems like the fares have really been raised for amtrak and its often sold out. even planes are high if u dont commit to it way ahead of time, in which i cant change my mind. but i do know ive got to get something done about getting new id by may. if theres anything i left out that i should post, will probably get around to it later.

what does everyone think i should do so people wont make them kind of websites, and how can i get rid of all the things i mightve posted in the past id rather not be seen around the web. if i ever became famous for winning the wsop, i wouldnt want most people i am sitting at the table with to know all of that. my beliefs shouldnt be anyone elses business.

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