Sunday, March 18, 2012

this blog is way way overdue for an update.

not sure how many of u have realized this, but i am back in las vegas now. i thought it would be in my best interest to be somewhere where there's good poker, available anytime day or night, (so i could go back to being a professional poker player instead of a VBJ player.) for if i cant depend on poker for a living anymore, im really xxxxed anyway. and i knew i had 10 days worth of comp dollars at the 4 queens, but of course ill earn more, its just they have a 14 day stay limit this time of year til the wsop starts up which is a little bit of a pain in the ass. no point playing at harrahs anymore if im no longer getting free rooms with the diamond card, i really hated dealing with that strip bus. its why i so seldom played in the cannons trop game, and she was nice enough to say hi to me at binions today and remind me about her game. its a little too far out to take the bus.

well sickcallmggee is on the greyhound bus to omaha. and his car is parked in the 4 queens parking garage, with a parking pass prominently displayed in the window. and he will pick it up thrus when he returns in his other car with his wife and kids whose moving to bullhead city.

i knew i needed to quit playing them machines in laughlin before i took a big loss. i did lose a few hundred playing them in the pioneer when i went to get me a card there. and i told sickcallmggee about it when him and i sat on the machine at the river palms.

he charged me $80 to take me to vegas this time. and we picked up all my free play i could get later this month once we hit vegas before i checked into the 4 queens. and today i got my mailbox keys back from vince and now ill be able to get my mail again too.

and i also deposited a little more into the bank and took the other $3000 with me in cash and locked it up at the front desk here at the 4 queens once i got back to vegas.

Now today i was probably carrying too much cash with me when i walked into Binions. was hoping i might find Nittastic there, but if he saw me he didnt tell me who he was. i lost my $100 buyin twice, then rebought for $500, almost lost it, was down to under $300 at one point, but then recovered and eventually left with $590 when vince arrived outside.

Vince drove me to the lucky club with him to eat and me to grab $5 free play while he watched sports and i was warmly greeted by kathy and Cedric who said they hadnt seen me in a long time. Cedric is black and always very nice. and i told vince to not let me bet more than $50 on a hand under any circumstances, and he didnt abide by that. i lost BIG on that machine, when i raised the bet up to $20, $40, $80 and played several spots. i also told vince i wanted us to play poker together instead, but he wanted to play that machine instead of poker.

now my rolls only $4700, and thats not good at all. but my room is paid up. and im still a lot better off than a lot of 2p2 posters whove moved to vegas to grind out a living at poker with a roll of over $2000 less, and without all the room hookups and casino hosts from past experience of being in vegas. that should be enough to get started, but ive got more leaks than most people. and im on such a bad run and everyone knows it and the games here are far tougher than they used to be.

let me end by sharing a few hands of poker, something which has been sorely missing in blog posts lately, and which needs to be done more of because its critical i start improving my game as much as possible. and even more than i need to improve my poker game, i got to fix myself of always getting so desperate to recover losses immediately, its why i made such a big bet at the lucky club, and why i rebought $500 at binions once out $100 twice.

im very worried as to what will eventually happen to me if i cannot fix
that. counseling didnt work.

i dont think that me playing machines would harm me much at all, as much as this one at binions pays back now. only losing 39cents on every $100 ran thru, and then getting back 33c cashback and 60c comps, isnt going to break me. what broke me was playing machines where i kept getting back $96 on every $100 i ran thru it at harrahs properties etc, and then constantly running the same money thru it over and over. also what broke me was betting far far too much. should never be betting over 1% of my roll on any given hand ever. i cant ever quit when im down and thats a terrible fault for a gambler to have.

oops, almost forgot about the poker hands (beats) i said i was posting. one time i had aa and made the usual mistake of limping early position. now i just couldnt get guys to raise for me when i limped that down at this table. and on the flop of 972 with 2 spades, a guy in the SB bets $8. i made it $20 and only he called. turn paired the 7 and i was glad it wasnt the 9 that paired. i shoved my remainging $55-75 and he called so fast with his 68 i thought for sure i was already beat. but no it was after the betting was all done, and he rivered the straight that i was beat. and it seems to me very few poker players wouldve called there with the paired board possibly drawing dead, but he said he did it because id advertised that i was running bad?

and later on i also lost with aa. that time i also limped in EP, and on the flop of 234 a guy min raised, (sign of strength) and wouldve folded but for 2 to a flush on board. and i thought he might think a high pair of his is good. sure enough, he had 333. i dont remember the exact bets turn and river, but nothing scary came. hes the same guy who i wouldnt fold a set on a board of 678,4, J because i knew he wasnt calling on the flop with a 5 in his hand. and he wasnt, he had 9 10.

also its nice to know people trust me with their money. poker grump gave me $200 to deposit for him on BCP since his bankcard didnt work, and today he found the money on BCP.

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