Monday, March 26, 2012

well heres the bad news uve all been waiting for.

new bankroll of $4800. and NO i didnt lose most of that on the VBJ machine. in fact on the good paying 3-2 VBJ machine i lost just a small percentage of that. about $200 of it was lost on the much worse paying VBJ even money machine because the other machine had people on it and i still wanted to play.
$30 of it was lost depositing more money into BCP and then losing ALL of it. But most of the money was lost at poker, and if im gonna lose money at poker staying off the VBJ and going out to the east coast isnt gonna help me a bit, nor would living at home playing online.

yeah the large majority of that money was lost in that golden nugget poker room. when i left my room the 2nd time after losing all the BCP money in all them small tourneys that take too long (thats why i shouldnt play tournies, i dont like things to take forever and im not good in the ones where blinds go up too fast) i had $106 on me from the $513 id had on me at the start of the day. so i first went to the safe deposit box at the hotel desk, took out $1000 more and walked into the nugget with $1106. i originally bought in for $306 and left the other $800 in my pocket. got seated in a game that i couldnt tell if it was breaking or just starting, seems it had broke and had just restarted. i got dealt into the BB putting me on tilt but it was a new game so i couldnt come in behind. and a player with a lot of chips sat down on my left, and didnt leave me much room and i didnt like that either. i ended up wasting $150 or so trying to 3 barrel bluff a european whod played with me yesterday who flopped middle pair with J9. Then i decided to move seats and told them it was cause i didnt want a loose aggressive player to my left, and i said i didnt want a good player to my left, and went and sat in the open 8 seat on the other end. now a guy and his woman were in seat 9 and 10, and he told her to watch the clock and what i sat with, and said to remember what i said about moving to avoid having a good player to my left. (he was now on my left). i rebought for the other $800, and sat it under my chips. so now i had $0 in my pockets. Continued to not make hands. hands i thought was good, in which i twice flopped 2 pair, ended up not winning. but scary boards slowed down what i mightve otherwise lost. and the guy and his girl was really getting under my skin as affectionate as they were being, and he even claimed she was his wife. they kept cuddling up so close to each other and touching making everyone else feel like shit and worthless because they didnt have a woman to be that way with them. and thats why i hate spending money on hookers so much, i just dont think they are anywhere nearly as affectionate as a real gf is. why a guy would rather be with them than find a gf is something ill never understand. both were from CA and knew of my blog.

anyway i was down a little, but then finally won a big pot, and i was all the way back to $986 from a low of about $736. the hand i won, i had A9 spades and called a raise preflop, and the guy on my left also called the raise. flop comes 932 and there were 4-5 of us. with 2 clubs and 1 spade. original raiser bets $35 and i call. guy behind me calls. turn comes A. original better bets $75, i bet $500, and both had me covered, or somewhat close to having me covered. both players folded and one paid me $1 to see my hand.

and shortly thereafter, heres the hand that really hurt. guy from europe bets $22 preflop and i make a big err. i called with QK diamonds. now i dont care how deep of stacks we have or what the HHJ is, i shouldnt call right? a few others also called including the guy on my left. flop comes 29T with 2 diamonds. original raiser checks, the guy on my right goes allin for $107, i call, guy on my left folds, others fold, and original better shoves for $635. well i feel im getting the right price, desperately want to be out of the hole and leave that game, because i really dont have any business buying in near that much in the first place. so i call. someone can figure out the math if the call was right or not. i had to risk like $500+ more to win a pot of $1500 about. of course i missed totally and his set of tens won. the other guy had JJ. so i walked out of there with my last $200 or so and wasted it in the very poor paying one at binions. then went to buy mcdonalds, have $437 comps at binions now and just didnt feel like eating binions shitty food so i went to mcdonalds and then back to my room.

and my friend at bills that one day ive not heard back from her either, shed bored anymore watching poker too. she was gonna come to laughlin once but never did. she seems pretty distant now for whatever reason.

but she was more overweight than the other girl and yet i was willing to hang out with her. i wouldve gladly hung out with the girl from the night before too, but it was Her that rejected me, seems the wrong impression was given out i was the one who rejected her. she just didnt think i had enough interests outside gambling since she dont gamble, and she wouldnt take my hand when going for a walk either. and of course since holding hands and kissing much more important and meaningful and enjoyable than sex, a woman who wont do that really bothers me. Tired of narrow minded bigoted people who think theres something wrong with earning ur living gambling just because u dont win much at it. women are especially bad about this, a man dont really care. all i said was it would be nice if a normal woman would like me like Britni, Josie or Amanda or Carmen or April or Lexi or Vicki or Melissa or Jennifer whose decent looking instead of all these women 100+ pounds overweight. and of course i dont mind if a womans overweight. the girl living in henderson who might come up to vegas and see me next weekend is probably also a little overweight but not nearly as much, id guess about 30-40 pounds. at least that girl loves computers and is looking for a relationship with old fashioned traditional roles.

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