Saturday, March 31, 2012

well i was able to get Mark (new poker room manager at the riviera since Christina dont work there anymore) to give me the $20 room rate for saturday and sunday, (normal rate for both days wouldve been a total of $219) but with the poker rate and tax will be $66. surprised more people arent doing it. they are so slow they dont even have a game going now, but u still get ur hours in as long as u are sitting at the table waiting for the game to start. (which im doing).

last nite i was hanging out with Grump at Binions, who was with some friend of his named Eric, and i managed to turn $149 buyin into $340. and i never ended up playing any VBJ at all. while i was sitting there some girl came and sat in the seat next to me, found out she was a local and owned some businesses with her husband. she started drinking a lot, and ended up getting thrown out when she got very disrespectful to the floorman after showing her cards when the floorman told her she couldnt.

and the lady who replaced her in the seat and sat down after she left was the same lady in NY i talked about a few months ago who sent me the $100 bill in the mail on my birthday who id never met before. she introduced herself to me and Grump and played at binions a few hours with us. then her and i went to eat in the Golden nugget, and then she told me she used to be Chritinas roommate during a wsop event they dealt. so her and i went over to the riviera in her car, and she found out about Christina getting fired.

we played for a while, i lost back $123 and then she left and drove me back downtown while i got plenty of sleep til checkout. she is staying with a friend over in summerlin and might see her again today.

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