Thursday, March 15, 2012

well tonite i tried to do the right thing

and no im not referring to the 10-14 people i decided to add to my blog. im referring to getting off the VBJ machine, and heading to play poker instead. i got off the VBJ with a relatively small loss of $236, (which couldve easily been a lot bigger loss if id then made some much bigger bets.) i first went to my room, (ended up losing ALL of my BCP money, but not all the first time). i got in 3 omaha8 tournies, and 1 $50 don sng with vook, and lost all of them, and i thought i had a good shot for a while in a couple of the tournies. what bugged me was the more expensive $11 rebuy tourny had faster blinds than the less expensive tourneys, and the blinds just went up way too fast, but i got close to the money in 2 of the ones i busted.

went back downstairs with only $80 left on BCP (now $0) and sat back at the VBJ for a little while, won back over $150 of the earlier loss, and then decided to walk over to the $2-5 game at harrahs since i saw 2 of them going on bravolive. i bought in $160 hoping to double it and leave and be unstuck for the day. but i never got it above $210. by the right thing, im referring to walking over to that $2-5 game instead of just sitting at the machine til id recovered the whole thing.

first, i got a little pissed when the floor didnt keep their word about seeing if we wanted to combine tables to move to where the auto shuffler was. they first said it was optional and then a minute later made it mandatory. notice apollo also dislikes this from his twitter feed. no one wanted to move tables. so when we had to move instead of the other table, i was on the opposite side of a certain player.

now i got AK spades, and i made a raise to $20. one guy calls, and the BB decides to make it $60. and i decide to just call because i have position on him, and have a fair amount of chips then (being up just over $200). not up $200, but up to $200. (this is why i dont like ron and others claiming i always shove ak when i know good and well i dont). only when out of position and need to make sure i see all 5 cards. other guy behind me also calls. flop comes AJ5 and the raiser bets $100 on me. now this is a cowboy whose been playing an awful lot of pots. and i have a backdoor flush draw. i shove my $150, and the guy behind me shoves, and im wondering if i made a mistake not shoving preflop, letting him in with AJ or 55. but it turns out he had JJ, other guy had QQ and also called. and the set held up.

i really dont see how i could fold on the flop when the guy comes out betting ive got him beat, i dont fault my play at all. i do think i belong back in vegas so i dont feel forced to play $2-5 NL if i want to play poker instead of a VBJ machine. really worried about where ill stay though. i make so little per week in vegas when im working off a short bankroll $240 a week is even hard to win.

any comments are as always welcome, positive or negative. some of the guys id like to see post the most i dont think post near often enough. the #1 thing is to make sure my poker game is in order, only that will give me a chance to build up money and get into a better standard of living and less stress. i dont want Josie to be disappointed who thinks i play good poker because ive lasted so long without ever going broke and still spending about 15-25,000 a year.

and id not lost my online money had i not wanted to sit in a good action cash game. just wish i could be sure no cheating was occuring the way that guy kept winning all the time. am holding onto $5200. and i woke up about 7am, i really must sleep. its 4.40am.

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