Thursday, March 29, 2012


in my room, just ate a potato salad, i dont like the way binions closes the grill between 3am and 6am when its the only place to eat with comp dollars in the middle of the night.

sickcallmggee picked up his car, and he wasnt honest about it being parked here. it was parked at terribles the whole time. he had moved it and i didnt know. and now he is back in laughlin, him and i went by the hard rock and wynn earlier. i lost $155 in the poker game at the nugget and i was ahead over $40 once. made a dumb bluff, wasnt getting nothing to play and was stuck.

he can post his version in here, in fact i hope he does.

dropped me off back downtown, and i soon went back out after spending a little time in my room. went and played at binions, and lost $126 in there, and am keeping track of everything in the notebook.

went out after 2am when the game had broke at binions to the VBJ and flat bet $4 a hand for 600 hands til i had the 300 points. this time i lost $158. seems awful big and mathametically an enormous longshot when betting only $4 a hand. and this time when doing the spin i got the $50 in free play.

so for the 2 days, i lost $158 and won $48 for a total loss of $110 cash. now with the $15 cashback i can get back for them 2 nights, its really only $95 lost in cash, and i have $50 in free play coming when the slot club booth is open. so lets say im down $45 cash, and have gotten $30 now in comp dollars gained from those 2 days play. so with $30 back in comps, im actually out $15 in value. of course this still isnt a large enough sample size to mean a thing. a month might give an idea though. id rather get the $50 free play than food vouchers anyway. but it sure does take up a ton of time to sit and flat bet forever.

in my room throwing away $110 i have on BCP if i bust out of my tourney soon, and i lost $60 earlier on BCP, about $40 of the $110 i had it up to is left.

and my host Linda at the river palms wasnt in today so ill have to call her tomorrow. i hope she will remember me settling the bill in cash in her office.

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