Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big winning and bad playing--all poker related.

new roll of $3800 instead of $3300. Relaxing in room playing low stakes DON sngs with my remaining $50 on BCP. Grump told me at the Nugget that he doesnt check his email while out playing, wondering if that also means he wont check his twitter, (only other way to message him) and that makes no sense because i seen him post tweets before.

originally bought in for the $134 i had in my pocket when i sat down in the game at the nugget, and i encouraged grump to relocate over to my table.

one guy, who moved seats and i think is a little on tilt after a hand he played badly, has rebought for $300 and is down a small amount of it when the following hand occurs. i call his $12 preflop raise with JJ, and i think maybe a few others. on the flop its JJ3 with 2 spades. he bets $20, i just call, hoping for calls behind me, and everyone else folds like i was afraid of. turn card comes up 3rd spade. he bets $25, and again i only called, and thats a big mistake on my part. for if he has the A of spades, he will definitely call a turn bet but not the river if a spade dont hit. And it turned out thats what he had and i lost value. quite a bit. But how much should i have raised? anyway river came blank, i bet $89, and he folds.

got $116 extra for that high hand, and had $408 in front of me then. and the large stack began to affect my ability to play well. the guy on my right had me covered, and soon a hand came up where he raised to $10 and i called with 99. then Poker Grump, on my immediate left, makes it $30 and i just know he has an overpair and he only has like $160. so its not worth me calling if the other guy isnt in, but he calls, so i also call. Flop comes up Q94 with 2 clubs, guy bets $40, and i immediately think he might have top set to bet so small into Grump (doesnt he know grump must have an overpair?) so i only call (how big of a mistake?) and Grump FOLDS? did he really fold an overpair there, or did i misread his hand and he only have ak suited? anyway turn comes 8, making a possible straight. guy bets i think $50, (cant remember for sure) and i call. Maybe Grump can assist in getting the facts right. i am still worried he has top set and will come over the top if i raise him like i shouldve. My too big of stack and win is really affecting my ability to play. And why i will never get the wins thenorcaljew and imakeposts gets. river comes J, not exactly my favorite card or his. he checks and so do i, turns out he rivered 2 pair, with his QJ, and again ive missed a lot of value.

so i get up and move over to Binions when the BB gets to me, and cash out $541 from my $134 buyin. Sit in one of the 2 NL games going at Binions, the one with 2 of the Nebraska guys in it Grump knows about. i sit with the minimum $100 only. and eventually cash out $209 after winning a big pot against Justin the floorman. i have KJ suited, and limp in EP. flop comes up K62 with 2 spades (wrong suit). I bet $10 and Justin calls. turn comes K, and i bet $16 and Justin calls. I'm not sure if he has a monster or a spade draw. river comes J (thank God). so i told Justin that i dont think he will call my $79 allin i just bet since he missed his flush draw, and im gonna have to bet my KJ. he asks me if i really have KJ and I tell him, have u ever seen me lie in a poker game, and he says Yes. he shows me a king, but not the other card. i get tired of waiting, and worry he will fold. eventually i cover my face and look away, hoping he hurries up and calls. he finally did call, but claimed i almost talked him out of the call.

so even though i played bad, it wasnt too bad of a night, probably was supposed to win more though. i am just not comfortable sitting in a game with too much of my roll in play, unlike a lot of other people.

Grump posted a link to the following article on his twitter feed which really surprised me, considering how he feels about blacks and civil rights. he is a very social liberal just like Obama. Him and Obama are pretty much eye to eye on every major leftwing issue. and on gay issues too. the article explains why some whites feel unsafe riding the subway in washington DC. and i too feel unsafe alot on buses and subways for the same reasons. but its odd for grump to tweet that considering the horrible unsafe area of las vegas he is walking back to on foot. We are right to worry with a man like Eric Holder as atty general, hes made it clear numerous times he will not prosecute blacks for "hate crimes" only whites, and thats got many congressional republicans up in arms. Remember the black Panther voter intimidation case etc?

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