Friday, April 27, 2012


while I'm down here, i dont really want to just go all the way back to vegas without visiting any more casinos. this might be my only time to ever be down here. So i went and canceled my trip to vegas giving them a 24 hour notice, and now after being charged $60 in fees i have $144 voucher i can use on allegiant anytime up to a year from now. and ill take the bus into Biloxi, its about $100 and goes thru jackson MS on the way and then transfers south into Biloxi. i tried to see about shuttles into the casino in loiusiana at the indian reservation, but there dont seem to be any. except for ones out of houston. what can anyone tell me about Biloxi? seems all the casinos are now in Biloxi instead of Gulfport except for one without a poker room? and that the old Grand is now called the island view gulfport and no longer has a poker room? and ive been told Biloxi has 5 whole rooms. and a found a good deal on an inexpensive place to stay while in Biloxi. and only one casino in all of Biloxi has the VBJ machine? i would think there would be more. do any of the readers live in the Biloxi area or spend a lot of time there? the promotion for getting paid $75 anytime u have cards consisting of 4 of the 5 wheel cards and dont win seems very good, that happens all the time in omaha. that is at the IP on the days they have omaha. rolls still around $6600, i won again yesterday but only $200 or so, at one point i was up over $450 and had over $800 on the table. then i called a guy who was on a draw and wouldve had another $400 but instead he did because he hit his draw and then i left on my BB. cocktail waitress very slow around this poker room, and hardly anyone drinks so they dont care so much about coming to the room. i waited a long time for water to go with my room, and then they accidently gave me baked potato instead of mashed. i need to get ahold of vince right away and see if he can pick up my bags over at the 4 queens.

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