Wednesday, April 18, 2012

demons, demons and more demons

yesterday morning, i won a little bit playing poker before i slept, and woke up with a roll around $5200. Not this morning, but yesterday morning. there was no game at the golden nugget at that time, (its not been going around the clock as of late) so i went over to the VBJ machine and started betting as normally, starting off with 1 hand of the minimum $3 bet. eventually i got stuck quite a bit, losing several hands of over $40 each, so i went and bet my entire stack left on the machine, (which meant different amounts of each hand, in a frustrating attempt to get out of the hole. (reason id not done so in the last few days was id never lost the smaller bet, so didnt feel the temptation.) ended up having a $100+ bet out with a double down, not any money to double down with, and since i couldnt leave the machine to get money from the safe deposit box at the front desk in the 4 queens, i just used the atm to withdraw $500, and now my bank acct has very little in it and i need to go and deposit. thank God i won the hand, and was afraid i wouldnt cause i had some horrible hands, but the dealer broke.

So then, feeling much relieved, and that id just avoided a loss of about $1000, i took the bus out to the flamingo to pickup Zachs book in the mail that i said id review on my blog after id read it. (not anytime soon). while out there, i sat in a game at the flamingo and ended up winning $148 in it, but left to go to Bills so i wouldnt have too much money at risk once i was ahead, besides u shouldnt have too much on the table during aces cracked. sdbrewin619 sat down on my immediate left at the flamingo, and sent me a text message i didnt find til after id left. (i got it on twitter). eventually i got tired and decided just to take the bus back downtown instead of playing any more places on the strip, but i did manage to win $106 and hold out til aces cracked ended. without ever getting them cracked.

Rode the bus downtown, fell asleep about 4.30pm and woke up around 1am. went over to the nugget, bought in $115, and started to get stuck because of a BAD call. i had JT hearts, and called $2 and got raised to $10 and called. flop comes K83 with 2 hearts. guy bets $20, regular calls. the one older black guy who plays daily and is loose. i call. turn comes 2, guy bets $75, black guy calls, and i called for the pot odds, (wouldnt called HU). turns out that was dumb as the black guy had the ace hi flush draw. but it didnt come. reloaded $60 more, and then soon reloaded another $100. ended up losing it all after i lost patience, and walked out down $275. went over to a VP machine in the nugget, (same one) and won $25. then left cause of the guy who sat next to me a min ago. went back into the poker room, rebought for the entire $425 and was still on tilt, almost as much as this one other guy was. eventually ended up walking into Binions over to the VBJ machine $511 stuck for the day.

i decided to just be a man and try and get the whole $511 back in 1 hand. but the middle spot is locked up due to trouble with printing up tickets, so i could only play 4 spots instead of 5. so instead of 5 spots of $103 on each, i had to do 4 spots of $128. and then the dealer got a 4, and i had one hand of 20, 2 hands of 11, and one hand of 10. and i knew i was gonna be very very much in the hole for the day, (around $1500 or so) or be ahead. today i had enough cash on me, (since i never went and deposited it in my box like i should) and i put out all the money for double downs on each hand (3). just barely had enough of $100s. got a 21, 20, 18 and 20. and ended up winning them all when the dealer broke. got off that machine faster than i have ever got off it, and now im up over $350 for the day. new roll is $5800 and i dont see how this kind of luck will continue.

its just variance evening out, but i dont deserve to be this lucky if i dont learn to cut back the size of my bets. i will swear in less than 72 hours i am going to take a very huge loss.

i would leave friday but im scared to get up in the air and im trying to figure out how to avoid flying, its certainly saves a lot of time and hassle traveling.

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