Saturday, April 7, 2012

downtown still worried.

been checking pageviews in statistics, and it seems like the more space i give between blog posts, the more views each page gets, and its NOT related to what i post about.

also i ran into man in black downtown tonite, but since he lost all the money he came to vegas with and is worried about who he can borrow from, hes not playing any poker himself. i'm not sure when his check out day is at the fitz.

roll is slightly improved to around $2800, due to a win tonight in the nugget. And ill probably go back out after a while, down to around $11 on BCP though. still could use some money transferred into BCP.

still waiting for them to bring me a working fridge here at the 4 queens. and my checkout date is the 16th. after that ill be out of comps everywhere, and i have no idea where ill go and what ill do, might see about staying with vince for a while, or maybe go live in bullhead city AZ for about $130 a week, although i doubt i can get ID there either, might have to stick to just playing online, since i dont really feel like i can afford to buyin $100 anymore. but i dont want to deal with the city bus, and downtown all the games do make u buyin $100.

waiting to hear from a friend found out for me today who did a little research into some things i needed to learn, as soon as she wakes up and calls me. She has a friend whose an immigration attorny. also i dont even know if id be able to get back on SSI again if i was below $2000. i think i mightve had my case closed out altogether when i never came back in a few months to tell them i was now low enough to qualify, or at least got a letter in dec saying something to that effect. if id have to start all over from scratch and go to court again to be approved, mom would not be too happy at all. i had previously understood i could get back on soon as i met the assets qualification.

and i finally got my fridge delivered while i was writing the above paragraphs. so now i can fill it up with either comped food or normal food at a grocery with the debit card, but they give u such small fridges. holds very little. and i am going to be about $100 short on comps just to cover my $420 room bill from now to the 16th.

and i doubt ill get any of my room nights picked up. after what happened, i am a little upset with my machine habit, and have tried to avoid playing them altogether because im angry with myself, and very worried so ive been off them now for close to 3 nights. i do realize the problem is not the actual machine play itself but the fact i make way larger size bets than i should be making on them, and the inability to accept a loss of any kind without feeling an immediate need to get it back. i didnt use to feel that as much when i had a lot more money. (or am i lying to myself when i say this?)

ok hitting submit now, and before i head back out to play cards, im going to go thru all the old comments and see what i should respond to and havent. and those women i was going to try to meet? i never messaged her again, ive been way too stressed about money to even try to meet anyone or update any bad news. hardly ever login to tagged and myyearbook anymore, and when in reno with money i used to spend lots of time there.

so who knows who called me last nite? hope it wasnt Britni, but i doubt it. shes the only one who always calls from a private number though. it came up as private number, was a womans voice, and they demanded to know who they were talking to. well i figure anyone whose calling me ought to know who they are calling (since i didnt call them first obviously) so i asked them who they were before i identified myself. (if u are calling someone and blocking ur number when calling, u have no right to demand to know who they are without first saying who u are, thats harrassment.) especially when u are not returning someone elses call. no idea who that was but i dont think it was britni, or carmen, couldve been amanda, wouldnt been josie, she didnt call from a private number. or it couldve been the woman in vegas i gave my number to. but if it was anyone of them, why not just say who u are instead of demanding to know who i am? u obv already know who i am. think it was just some troll or some wrong number. doubt it was a real woman or shed have said who she was and what she wanted, even if she was blocking her number, cannot figure out who would call and block their number like that, a blog reader would obv know it was me.

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  1. still is bugging me just now i dont know who called me