Thursday, April 5, 2012


just woke up, after a much longer rest than intended. dreamed i was going to travel somewhere where id be homeless and i was waiting on a guy who was supposed to come by with a car and pick me up. then the car changed into a taxi, and i was afraid to get in it and cant remember why. i was going behind a bunch of rich apts with alot of parking garages for the tenants, and i dreamed i was at a private poker game, and someone in the game was trying to talk me into doing something so they would have an excuse to kill me legally. it was in a really fancy house with a boat dock.

so then im waiting for a bus, outside a town, and this one black guy who kept trying to get me to sell him some pharmcy medication he was desperate for after id refused to sell him any (for all i know he couldve been a cop setting me up) tripped me and all the medication fell out. so im getting ready to put things into my pocket and i told him just to feel free to grab 6 pills and go. and then he told me he had a gun on him and wanted all my money and suddenly he has a friend with him, and i start begging that u cant leave me out on the street totally broke, so he takes all of what i had on me except for $203.

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