Saturday, April 21, 2012

finally checked into my room for the week.

and i should go and get some food for the fridgerator, nice big fridge and microwave here. starving for something to eat, and not sure if anyplace within walking distance to buy food.

im pretty sure if i remember correctly they give u the new state ID right in the DMV instead of mailing it to u, but i have an address for the week to get mail at just to be safe. i remember checking out early at the motel i stayed at before (and felt unsafe at) and not having to wait around a week to get the ID in the mail. this will be the 3rd time ive went to louisiana to renew an ID.

Good news is the floorman in the poker room, (nice guy who uses a wheelchair) explained my situation to the casino cage, and after okaying it with her supervisor they finally accepted me to deposit money at the cage even though im not staying there and have no previous history of playing there. But of course they want to actually see me in there playing everyday now. But at least now i feel a whole lot better not carrying that $5000 around. that was one of the biggest things ive been needing to get off my mind.

cab fees arent too bad, about $8-10 back and forth to the casino. and i walked over to sams town next door and yes i did see the VBJ. didnt have my card, and didnt play, there was 1 guy on it, but he wasnt from here and didnt know about other VBJ machines in the area, and the min is $5 and the max $500. a little steep, thats for sure. 10x points 6-12 on thursdays, but until i learn the cashback and comp rate i wont know what the payback will be. its the same machine as laughlin as far as 3-2 payouts and not shuffling til it deals out 2 3rds of the cards, but i forgot to look to see if it hits or stands on soft 17. the card they use is the same B connect card from downtown las vegas.

maybe someone familiar with that players card knows the cashback and comp rate and how many dollars ran thru the machine (any machine) equals how much cashback or comps?

also im broke on BCP, and wondering if i should deposit there or a different site? not sure why vook dont think thats the best site. maybe if i had money on a different merge skin i could get a better rate than 80c on the dollar? im afraid if i used a site like he suggests americas cardroom, id be lucky to get 70c on the dollar if anyone would buy it at all.

its sure not worth the risk of trying to cash it out, wait forever, have the govt shut down the site and seize the money in the meantime and end up getting $0. thats why its so important to take the 80c on the dollar to avoid worrying about stuff like that. although i did only end up with $320 for my $400 BCP, and now im broke because the other $66 i left on the site all got lost.

sat down in the game at the eldorado today about 9.30 this morning after a good sleep with $115, eventually cashed out $431 after 6 hours play. at one point i was up to $568. not too many good players were at my table. roll is still over $6600 even after paying over $60 on cabs since arriving here, and about $300 on motels counting taxes etc and the one extra night.

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