Tuesday, April 3, 2012

getting down to the grind and trying to do the right things.

am relaxing in my room playing a $2 don sng on BCP with the $17 i have in there, (i lost the FREE $10 i got from Bovada.) I look forward to the days NV gets their licenses out, and i can put as much money online as i want without worrying whether ill ever get paid, i just hope they dont make me have a NV id. am worrying about the ID i have from Louisiana expiring in may, the lady from NY told me i really need to get that taken care of right away, even if ill have to go to louisiana to get it done.

So even though i dont have free rooms showing up the old way (without using any special offers or codes at harrahs properties) i still get some emails and postcard offers in the mail from time to time. of course, none of them are like the old times in which i was able to get 5 free days in a row instead of 2 or 3. I am wondering if they got discontinued due to me using the vouchers or reel rewards coupons without playing anything else at all, or if it was just they tightened up and i played a lot less since their machines suck so bad. Or if they just discovered i was staying way too many free nites a year. so i got the offer for the april 3-5 $75,000 poker tourny invite at ballys, (along with $50 in free slot play) so I went ahead and booked it tonite (and they made me have to call on the phone although it claimed it could be booked online) and ill be checking in tomorrow. now i doubt ill get a dime out of that tourney, since it says its a shootout at the table (meaning i must take first) but even 100th place pays $150 in free play if im lucky. and im sure im not the only reader of this blog whose gotten that offer so any advice on the tourny would be appreciated.

also i booked another offer id received, but i had to wait until sunday to be allowed to use the offer. (which means ill be downtown at binions friday and saturday nites) The other offer was for the flamingo it was 2 free nites, and it included $50 in free slot play also. its not so much the free nites and that poker tourney i care about (since i prefer staying downtown) but its the free slot play, if i pass that up i feel like im giving away money. which i cant really afford to do. and also i need to pick up my mail. my debit card should be in the mail that mom sent down which she didnt want, and once i receive it, i can add that back to my roll, the same way i added my deposit back to my bankroll when i checked out of the riviera. (since i gave them a cash deposit)

so what i should do is tell binions, and maybe check out here instead of wasting comp dollars paying for 2 rooms i dont need? advice please. i also dont want the hassle of hauling around more than the bare minimum of a laptop and change of clothes. I still have way too many things.

Now last nite, after the lady from NY drove me downtown from the Riviera, i played at the Golden Nugget for awhile. and then i also played the VBJ at Binions. No, i am not a fool. i didnt bet big, played it betting a little smaller than usual. by that i mean instead of 5 hands of $3 all at the same time i was varying my bet to 1 hand of $3 to 5 hands of $3. and i made a few bets of slightly above $3 also. But i tried to eliminate any variance as much as possible, and i figured since id be here 14 days and my total bill would end up being $506, (if they dont pick up any of the days free that is) id need a little more than the $300 in comps i had left over. Thats why now im thinking of moving my things downtown into storage again at the bell desk and checking out and back in if my host dont hate me too much for the hassle.

So what happened is i ended up winning a small amount, and then did the spin to win promo when i finally got the 300 points, betting that small and that slowly took well over 3 hours and felt like torture. Also i reopened the safe deposit box, put $1000 in it, and also still have several hundred in the bank along with a little cash. I would probably be better off had i still been storing my money in the rio, that wouldve stopped me from taking that big loss at slotsoffun.

on the spin to win promo yesterday, i got the $10 food voucher, (todays meal once i got checked in and they finally brought the fridge--and then i slept all day from 2pm to 8.30 pm.) and also i got the $50 in free slot play which i ran thru and cashed out just over $40 of it. the $50 in free play is what u hope to get when u spin the wheel (noone ever gets the $2500). 50 in free play adds 2% to any machines payback since putting $2400 in play thru allows u to spin

and then i went over to the golden nugget tonite. and there was lots of $1-2 games for a monday nite. got my favorite end seat, and bought in $108. was getting down a little, and a new asian guy sat at the table on my immediate right with a large stack and only 1 other large stack was at the table, in the 1 seat along with his wife who are both regulars and good players. (not the same couple as id talked about before). i was in the 9 seat. 10 handed tables. so i soon seen AQ diamonds in the hole, and i made it $10. got like 5 callers i think. flop comes 10 10 7 with 2 diamonds. he checks, i bet $15, 2 guys call, he bets $125, i call allin for less, everyone else folds, and i hit the flush on the turn and it holds up against his KT. i knew i was behind, but i figured im so short im priced in and i just was glad he didnt have a boat. figured he wouldve slow played a boat more.

I brought the sunglasses over there from Josie to see if following her advice would help me win, and i hadnt said hardly a word except to order from the waitress. but after winning the hand i fucked up and started talking since i was so relieved to win the hand, so i ended up getting out of there after the BB got to me.

and now im in my room, playing online, and getting ready to leave again. new rolls is around $2200, with tonights poker win, the free play and machine win last night, and of course getting back my deposit.

and tomorrow ill finally be able to reach my host at the river palms, if she remembers me paying her in cash like id swear i did, maybe she can get my hotel bill reapplied to my CC which would recover another $67 back. thats why i hate using them instead of just paying cash.

and sickcallmggee thinks the laughlin game would be better for me simply because id be far more deepstacked there with the same $100 buyin. he could be right, and i do need to start heading towards louisiana. and if im in the baton rouge area of LA (not likely) id like to hunt up Jimmy swaggarts church and say hi.

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