Monday, April 30, 2012

getting ready to be checking out of harrahs soon, and my 24 hours net expiring soon, need to get over to that nearby verizons store today when i move into a less expensive place to stay. hopefully they dont charge me #129 for a brand new modem, cannot understand how i couldve broken it.

and again yesterday i got lucky at BJ at the tables. twice, once for over $200 and once for a little less than $200 and i did lose $287 on a VP machine, but still am up $100 for yesterday, with a roll of just $6700. also i managed to get the cage to let me store $5000 so now i wont be worried about carrying all that money around on me anymore.

and i played a little $1-2 blinds omaha high. but the $5 to bring it in im not used to, and it really bugs me throwing in $3 more on my unraised BB, and the first time i lost the $100, rebought $132, and then ran it up to $327 and quit $95 up. the 2nd time a few hours later, i ended up losing $200 in the game, it was too shorthanded, but i dont really think i played it bad, although im sure ive played way less omaha hi than the other players have.

talked to vince he should be getting the bags today, have arranged it with steve the bellman, and of course ill pay him.

lets hope this time my spaces dont all disappear.

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