Monday, April 16, 2012

good news---finally back up to $5000, probably not for long, lots of expenses coming up

Not only do i have expenses involved in getting a new ID in louisiana (only state i can get one made in due to my birth certificate being from canada and the govt tightening up) but my $80 monthly airtime card is just about used up and will shut me offline anytime, which always gets used up long before the month is up due to the 5GB limit, whatever that stands for.

Airtime with an aircard is expensive, but still, i am surprised how many people in much better financial shape than i am do without having one, pay for wifi various places and also look for places with free wifi. i guess when u wait til u are at home to use the computer, u feel less of a need for this when most of ur web browsing and posting is done at ur house.

or is it just that others can tolerate doing ALL their typing from a cell keypad instead of a laptop easier than i can?

also i am thinking strongly of flying to louisiana on friday this week. when my room expires. (wouldve expired today, but i just extended it 4 more nights, and i cannot extend it more, for thats the end of 14 day limit).

Not sure at all why im not losing ANY of my sessions lately on the VBJ. that certainly isnt the way the math should be. Guess its just variance. for over $110,000 in play through this year, only down about $500.

and i need to be here sometime in May to pick up my free $200 freeplay at binions. ive missed out on my slot play in laughlin $60 april 1-15 now. Not really too interested in going to laughlin if im flying instead of taking the train and need to be at the las vegas airport.

anyway i won about $200 again today on the VBJ getting my 300 points, and my $10 free play voucher and $20 food voucher and accumulated normal comp dollar points for playing. I still worry binions will realize that promo isnt a good idea for their VBJ machine and put a stop to it.

Most of todays, and last nights wins however all came from POKER. and i was overdue for some good days. the last couple days were good too, and things were starting to turn around. and again i dont think this was because my play is getting better, it really hasnt, i just think its all due to variance. having a big enough bankroll to ride out the variance is SOO important. had i had only $3000 less than i had last fall, (when things started deteriorating) id be broke. looks like i needed every dime of that full $15,000.

after winning last night, and taking a little nap from like midnite or so til 6am, i walked over to the nugget and started playing. sat in the game with $134, and cashed out about $600.

and right before that id won about $80 more on the VBJ machine. One of the key hands in this mornings game at the nugget was when the old man James or Jerry, with the cane, a regular, runner runner a backdoor king hi flush and i runner runnered a backdoor ace hi flush. i was calling him before the river, on the river he bets $25, (larger bet) and i bet $75, and he thinks a min or two, and then says allin. and i called instantly. it was a pretty good double up because id won about 3 previous hands and had already ran my stack up alot. and i wonder if Vince is back in town. he didnt answer back yesterdays texts, and i need to see about giving him my bags if he will take them.

am thinking maybe i should only remain in louisiana 1 week so i can make it back by june for Koalas meet, but what if i discover im better off living in louisiana than vegas? dont i need to stay at whichever place gives me the best chance of winning at poker, surviving, and having a cheap safe place to live?

although paying cash, $190 a week, and not being in a casino where i can use comps isnt really all that cheap.

some woman in vegas who dont talk to me much online anymore is really happy she finally got her own place to live over by 95 and decatur. how is that area? not too convenient but im curious which place it is, she evidently feels safe living there.

and i really miss Vook and i hope he gets over being disappointed in me.

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