Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post by Very Josie

Hi Everyone,

This is Josie, not Tony. He said he was going to sleep immediately. It's time to update everyone and he's asked me to post it here.

I'm very angry at Tony. He lied to me and betrayed my trust. He says he has his reasons and we'll get to his reasons why in a minute. Last Sunday he sent me an email saying he was going to kill himself, said a lot of other stuff too and also said that he lost $3,000. Remember that?

Well that was all lies. LIES. Why is the big question. He says he did lose $800 that night on VBJ so he was trying to make himself believe that he lost so much more so he'd stop playing. Meh. Whatever. Obviously, it didn't work. He said he had to tell everyone that in order for him to believe it.

The thing is I have a REAL problem with men lying to me and the "why's" don't really matter. My brother committed suicide many years ago so he put me in panic mode and with today's confession I've been in "furious" mode. But enough about me, let's get back to Tony's lies and reasons....

Personally, I feel he USED me because I do NOT lie and I'd like to think I have a reputation for being honest. You know, bitchy and with a potty mouth, but honest. He has me posting stuff that's lies, which frigging kills me when I think about it. Oops! This isn't supposed to be about me, let's get back to Tony...

He's also the one who's been posting lies on DaBlackPimp's blog. (Pimpy, in my furious anger I would've given you a link here, but I believe you owe me one!) Tony's been posting as BlackPimp, Mauihaole and localrock over there. Again, why did he post lies there? To make it seem Pimpy's post was unreliable. LOL That's what he says anyway.

And his reasons for lying to ME: Well one reason is so he'd believe he was broke and stop playing machines. He also says that:

deep down inside im sick of my own blog, i feel its the cause for my addiction, and my poverty, and im tired of being truthful.

Oh and today he did suffer another loss and because of this he rationalizes that Sunday's lie wasn't entirely a lie because he knew it was bound to happen sooner or later; just a matter of time.

The one thing I liked about his blog was that he was so honest about his wins and losses. Credibility is everything. He seems to be in bad shape emotionally right now because of this latest loss, which in reality brings him down to a roll of $3,000.

I feel bad for him but for me too. I am pissed. This is the second thing he's done to really upset me and ironically both involved lies. The first time he pissed me off he told bold lies about me to someone I like and admire. Complete and utter lies with no factual basis. About moi! If anyone else had done that, they'd be walking with a limp right now but I figured it's Tony and he's sorry. I just don't think I can do that this time. I don't know.

Anyway, there you have it. He's down to 3K and very upset. All the previous stuff was utter bull shit. Oh and yeah, he's still grinding dem machines.

Play smart.


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