Saturday, April 28, 2012

i am extremely lucky to have any money at all

I have ran exceptionally good, well above average for quite some time at BJ. since i came to Shreveport, i stepped off the plane with $6400, spent over $700 on motels, unused plane tickets, tons of cab fees, haircuts, food etc. (by $700+ i mean for ALL, not motels alone of course). and i still have $6800 left. today alone, i won $385 at BJ the first session, and $135 at BJ the 2nd session. both times of course were table BJ, and not VBJ, which isnt an option here. and we all know the other day i won $300 at sams town VBJ before they removed the machine. IF i were only playing poker, i wouldnt have done nearly so well. and if id not lost $100 on VP 2-3 times id done even more well. And that dont even count all the VBJ wins i had at binions right before i left vegas to go to shreveport. and of course im really glad i got on the plane and made the trip. certainly was far more convenient than sitting forever on a bus or a train. actually the airport in shreveport is quite small and kind of sucks. for example the plane arrived in a pouring rainstorm and instead of getting off the plane INSIDE like u do in vegas, in shreveport u get off the plane outside in the pouring rain instead of a covered hallway. and as far as service leaving shreverport like if someone wanted to fly to florida, biloxi or PA? non existent or only at an extra high cost except for the one allegiant flight into vegas. today started off quite poorly, i couldnt get cards, started getting pissed and bored making bad shoves on draws, and missing, left the table with my last $87 of $285 buyins, and lost $85 on a paigow table in 1 hand, and then took $800 out from behind the cage, and then proceeded to lose $100 on it on a VP 100 play 1c2c5c machine, and also break an ashtray by slamming it door too hard, pissed to have it sitting on my machine to begin with. went outside to call the woman in NY which calmed me down somewhat, who still wants me to get counseling for my inability to accept losses. came back in, sat at a BJ table buying in for $500 the first shoe i luckily got to play ALONE and recovered over $250 of my losses, ($10 min table) paying 3-2 and gave her a $2 tip. they changed dealers, a black guy took over, and i still continued to win. left near the end of shoe once 3 others sat and i was up $385 and i gave him a $2 tip also. later went back in the poker room and again i lost $100 when i lost my patience and went over the top of a guys JJ $60 raise with AK and missed. (just had gotten tired of folding). and went back to a BJ table, and this time won $135 and then left. went back to the poker room 1 final time, this time i sucked out on a lady with her BF, when she had aa in her straddle, and i gave her no credit. and left the game $110 up and quite tired, yes i just couldnt stay awake til 7am to take a bus to biloxi. too damned old. and i dont really feel like sitting on a damned bus for 10 hours to biloxi and transferring in jackson, nor do i feel like carrying all that cash on the bus. the smartest thing to do would be to rent an apt in shreveport and never ever leave or travel at all. but i dont really want to do that either. So im canceling that plan also, id never be able to stay awake til 7am. i cant change my sleep hours ever even when i want to. I will promise 1 thing. the next poker room im going to, ive never been there before in my life, and i promise ill take pictures of the room on my cell phone. ive already found a safe place to stay nearby about 10-15 miles away. It wont cost me as much to get there as it would to travel to a lot of other places id also like to go to even more. and ill enjoy traveling here a lot more, and its a comfortable trip, and no im not traveling by cab. And its nowhere near las vegas, Biloxi, or atlantic city, or shreveport. in fact, its at least 500 miles away from any of those places. No one will expect to run into me there. and the nice thing is there are plenty of choices of casinos i can get to from there without a long travel. Ill certainly feel a lot safer going there.

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