Sunday, April 29, 2012

im still LUCKY even though a few things went sorely wrong.

am logged into the OLD form of composing a blog, because the other day, when i composed a blog entry on the new blogger page, it removed all my line breaks and paragraphs, and i didnt notice it til later on while going to see the comments. (i didnt look back to see what it looked like after posting, i just thought everything was fine.)

am sure glad to be in my room at Harrahs st louis. cost me $99 plus a lot more in tax, and that was the lowest rate theyd give me, normally it wouldve been $129 with a diamond card and $139 without a diamond card. thats way too much, and i dont really think st loius is the right place for me, cab fares would cost a lot, and nothing is really nearby the casinos, the places i like by the week are too far a cab ride out. and yes ive been in st louis before but i originally meant to be at the river city casino, where i have NOT been before, but ive still not gotten over there.

Slept the entire way on the amtrak, got plenty of sleep, so i am in no way tired. why? because there was nothing else to do on the train, because my damn modem broke, and i had no internet all the way. i still got a broken modem that dont work, and i need to go to a verizon store, and see if it can be fixed, or if i must pay for a new one. really worries me this. so i had to pay $11 for the net access here at harrahs today so i need to go to a verizon store at the first chance. wish i wouldve have at least downloaded some games onto my laptop some time in the past when i did have net access, then id had something to do on the train. also i couldnt read any poker magazines because my eyes are no longer good enough to read the small print without a magnifying glass.

and i was so relieved to make it to st louis in 1 piece with all that cash safely. the most fearful thing was standing at the subway in st louis (thank God they had a security guard on hand) awaiting the metro train from downtown st louis to the airport. with all that large amount of cash on me. still need to get that money locked up somewhere in st charles, (actual location instead of st louis). Harrahs should do it since im a diamond member, but im certainly not going to pay for a room here after today. way way too much.

posted pictures from my play at the lumiere this morning, and they can be found on twitter, and ill see about transferring them here. also Vince said he would store the bags for the $20 i offered to pay him, but when he said id need to tell the 4 queens he has my permission to pick up the bags, he gave me an invalid phone. so its not until now i was finally online so i could look up the number of the 4 queens, and now i can finally call them soon as this blog post is done and tell the bellman vince will get my bags. still dont know how to identify the 3 black bags, as ive lost the ticket.

lucky to still have a roll of over $6600, with these new room expenses and last nites $77 amtrak expense, but i sure preferred that to riding a bus to biloxi. i got a seat to myself the whole way on the train and a very good sleep, neither of which id got on the greyhound bus. ill make an effort to be at koalas meet, but in the meantime, ill probably hit up chicago, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh and foxwoods after leaving st louis. as long as nothing starts going wrong which is way overdue to happen. i did win $113 this morning at the lumiere, and was briefly up $251. all at poker. id have more had i not wasted $204 on an unused allegiant air ticket. the rest of todays play will be at harrahs and i hope to find much cheaper housing nearby st charles, maybe even really close to the ameristar. this isnt a good long term solution due to extra room costs and transportation compared to vegas or ac. still really would like to end up near delaware park.

if u want to see what it would cost me to go to a certain city, or return home to vegas, or verizon locations near me, feel free. i need a woman to do all this for me, but even though this room is costing a ton, i was fearful it would cost even more. and thank God i avoided a $70 cab fare to get here from downtown st louis. i got their free airport shuttle saving me even original plan which was subway to airport then paying for a cab. it was so cheap to get to st loius, but once im here huge outrageous cab fees, and i must get that verizon modem fast also. i cannot understand why it broke. light wont even come on anymore. its like $129 to buy it. i wonder if theres a poker room rate? i think the front desk said no, lumiere seemed to say no, and river city dont have a hotel so how would they comp rooms? i need some kind of plan, i think i should get back on the train into chicago and keep heading east til i find something more convenient. i doubt the majestic star outside gary still has them $44 a day including weekend poker rates they had 6 yrs ago too. shreveport i found a nice motel $227 a week, but the cab fees added about another $120 for the week. still not a good long term solution. only vegas is lower cost due to comfortability with their bus system, but the games are so much worse in vegas than they are everywhere else in the country im loving these easy games all over the south and midwest compared to vegas.

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