Thursday, April 12, 2012

its not a good idea to play when tired and in a hurry to get even

well i didnt update a day or two ago, because i thought i was gonna hit $4000 again, (since id had a few $100-300+ wins on the VBJ at binions) and at one point was only $29 away and was going to go back to my room and tell everyone the good news, and had i hit it, it wouldve made it so much easier to put out all the extra expenses involved in making it to louisiana and back to get ID. Problem was i tried way too hard to hit it, and when i got inpatient and made a bad call and called it down to the river with $52 preflop and QJ suited, and the rest postflop (just like a donkey would) it pissed me off cause i was tired, trying to adjust my sleep hours back like someone suggested i do (horrible advice--to stay away and play when dead tired just to fix my hours) so i went over to the SPIN VP 25c machine here in the golden nugget where i didnt even have my card since they dont use a card in the poker room, and lost about $300. $278 to be exact besides the poker loss. and the rest i lost in the last 3 days on other poker sessions and binions. im now at a roll of $3300. but overall im not losing on the VBJ. have about $400 comps now towards my $424 room bill. had i stayed off that machine, and not play poker when tired, id be way better off. cannot keep losing patience at the table cause i dont feel like playing anymore and want to win big first.

at least ive got a little more on BCP, just over $100 there now and ive not added a dime in deposits since depositing that last $30 the other day while on the strip in my room.

am thinking maybe i can lock up that money in laughlin while making it out to louisiana, and this time im taking a much safer room which will cost a tiny bit more but it looks safer from browsing their website. (shreveport, ill stay for a week close to a casino. not sure how ill get back to vegas in time). theres a person i cannot talk about whose either paying either one way or roundtrip transportation via amtrak out of la or tucson going right into shreveport. She doesnt want me to say on the blog why she is willing to do this, but its nothing sexual, she doesnt care about me near that much like she should. its something else and she dont want anyone stealing her idea to make us all rich. (and famous).

another thing really stressing me out is all the panhandlers bugging me (always black, selling stolen items, embarrassing other questions i cant discuss, and Britni never getting online in a long long time). People assume just cause im white i have money, and they have the right to demand it from me, im probably worse off than them.

and i took a horrible suckout when i convinced a guy to call over $120 preflop with his AJ against my AQ and then of course he sucked off of me, and i left pissed. this was in the golden nugget poker room, went to the VBJ and recovered it then lost again on a 2nd session. about a lot of sessions since my last blog post.

if i had an apt, i wouldnt need the ID nearly as fast, but i need it when using the players club a lot for comps. its gonna cost over $1000 to get my citizenship proof and i need to talk to that free lawyer may 1 the lady from NY found at this one place. But i still dont feel like the added stress of talking to rachel or getting inpatient mental health threatment like she suggests.

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