Sunday, April 1, 2012

new roll of $2000

after getting a good rest to get over last nights loss on the VBJ machine at slotsoffun (so stupid to play those there since theres no comps) i woke up around 2.30pm, was online a little while, and then went downstairs for the 4pm freeroll. good news was they chopped it up at the first 15 minutes by the time all the players had showed up, so i ended up with $110 profit. if they wouldve played it out, id probably have ended up not making the money at all. so i was really happy at whoever suggested that.

so from having over $4600 yesterday, to losing around $200 later in the game while Grump was sitting at the table (and I apologized to him and made sure he wasnt mad) to then recovering over $100 in the tourney today plus about $65 more in the cash game, to losing around $2500 last nite on the VBJ machine at slots of fun, which puts me to where im just barely at a roll of over $2000.

and i wish id have never stayed at the riviera. i could found a place on expedia for a little over $40 a night downtown saturday and even less today. Not only that, they are no longer giving out the funbook coupons that always had the $25 matchplays. if any hotels, such as texas station, or wherever are giving out $25 matchplays ever, id be curious to know about it.

had i not came out to this area of the strip, it wouldve avoided that big loss. really dont know where to go now, i cant afford to live in vegas, and if i went to the east coast where i couldnt play machines any more and has a lot better poker, id be living outdoors for a while til i was in better shape. and i didnt even realize today was April fools day til people started mentioning it. So no, that wasnt why i sent it. also i deleted that message off facebook, the wrong people might end up seeing it. was just depressed when i posted it. Got about $50 in never used old food comps at circus too, so i shouldnt been eating at mcdonalds simply cause its a lot faster.

And when i check back into the 4 queens tomorrow afternoon, for 14 days, I have about $285 still in comps there from all my recent play there, so ill have enough to cover at least 10 of those 14 days and i can always check out early. Main thing that bugs me and has been causing alot of stress lately and i think has messed up my ability to win at poker is not getting them free rooms from harrahs anymore.

without todays slight comeback from chopping the freeroll tourny, and a small win in the poker game, id been down to only about $1875. so at least ill stay at $2000 or so to work with. Would like to do all my playing at bills where its cheaper but i dont want to deal with busses nor do i think their rake is beatable. game sucks there. probably should go back to laughlin. or maybe grind $1-2 downtown and pray.

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