Thursday, April 5, 2012

ok lets get back to the subject of poker, because if i dont improve my poker game, all hope for me is gone.

new roll of $2800 and its about to be less very soon because my $20 a month box rental, and my $102 phone bill monthly is about to be taken out. Today id like to do something a little different than usual. (kind of like when i went over to P-ho tonight looking for a better game than the kind ive been playing in).

ok what im going to do differently is discuss some poker hands for analysis

after unintentionally falling back to sleep about 8.30pm without ever leaving my room to go play poker last evening, i woke back up about 12.30pm. with too much sleep. often i get too much sleep when getting over a big loss, and maybe its for the best. for when im asleep, my mind is taken off my problems.

as usual i dont remember all of the hands i should talk about but heres from what i do remember. first hand i want to discuss i am playing downstairs at ballys. and i get dealt JJ after about 30-40 minutes of play, and im down about $20 or so but it couldve been more. i raise it to $5 in EP. one guy behind me calls (possible asian reg but unsure). and the BB or SB calls. flop comes Q92 with 2 clubs i think. for sure the Q was the only overcard. i bet $10, (should i check raise or bet more?) and i get raised to $20 by the guy with position on me. now should i give him credit or is he just trying to gain control of the hand? i do the wrong thing of course, i called. turn comes offsuit 3 and i check and he bets $25 i call, river comes 5, i check he bets $25 i call, and lose. (i then had about $20 left).

next hand happens at P-ho. and here i actually started out winning. theres a very loose aggressive tourist on my immediate right. thankfully i have position on him. i just lost a big hand earlier, and i have only about $43 left. to be honest it was a pretty good table, one where a guy whose not on tilt and sufficiently rolled would buyin for the $300 max. this guy raises preflop to $15 and he has been raising way too much to be given any credit. so i tell him that as i shove my final $43 over his raise with AQ. he tells me i talked him into calling as he calls with A5. (isnt that what i should want over the long run?) and of course, he runner runners an 8 hi straight.

Had i not went over the top id have probably been put to a tough decision by him postflop so i hope none of u go by results.

the 3rd hand which i can recall, i had ak clubs and he had JJ. i raised to $12, he made it $25 (newcomer other end of table) and me being out of position and not wanting to not be able to see all 5 and not knowing if he was loose or not, i just shoved allin. he called and we were 50-50 but i lost. and i felt like that was a pretty dumb call on his part preflop since he would either be 50-50 at best or at worst way behind to an overpair.

if i only call preflop that seems dumb to me too, for the simple fact if i only see 3 cards instead of 5 i will have to fold on 2 out of 3 flops. which isnt a good idea with a hand thats 50-50 if i see all 5 cards. plus theres a chance he will call my allin with a weaker ace in which case im a huge favorite. u see the reason for going allin is to make sure i dont get bluffed off on the flop and also so i get all his money everytime he has aq

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