Saturday, April 14, 2012

room comps, buses, frustrations, and i must leave either today or tomorrow

roll is still only around $3100, not been winning at poker in some time, (unless u count money on BCP.) and im gonna be needing every dime i can get to travel to Louisiana and back, and now she says she cant pay for it round trip. and not only that, theres the cost of buses to get to the train, and the hotel costs, cabs food, etc. it is going to really wipe my roll down to almost nothing, and i wish it could wait a few months.

So i shipped my usual buyer of BCP money at 80c on the dollar $200 on BCP a few minutes ago of yesterdays big win on there, and i have $51 left on BCP. I'm always scared to leave any money in there at all, for i fear the govt will shut them down anyday. and it usually takes up to 10 hours or so to transfer large amounts, and im waiting for it to go thru so he will ship me $160 to my BOA acct. will be glad once real online poker becomes available in NV, that way it will be safe to leave money online and ill get the full 100%.

pretty heavy juice. i wish poker grump or someone would be willing to take it when i need this done. he did deposit there before with my assistance.

Yesterday i walked into my host office at Binions, and i got Patrick to pick up Fri, Sat and Sun, april 6-8 last weekends days of my stay. (even though ive not lost anything on their VBJ machine in a long time.) i asked him what the computer showed id won on the machines since i checked in on apr 6th, and he told me it came to $1070. (so now u see just how heavily ive been losing at poker to still be so broke.)

so that will save me about $140 off my hotel bill, since 2 of those were weekend nights. And now ill have enough comp dollars to cover it in full.

i asked him what it showed i lost in 2010 total, 2011 total, and what i was down so far in 2012 for the year. and he told me in 2010 i lost $4100, but i was supposed to lose over $10,000 according to their theoretical loss, so i didnt do too badly. in 2011, when the machines had a much worse payback, i lost $8500. (almost couldve paid a years rent). and this year so far, i am only down $800. (less than 1% of the total of over $100,000 ive ran thru).

Now to talk about poker a little which i know bores most of u. I think the regulars in the Golden nugget are becoming too familiar with my game, and thats another reason i should be playing outside of Vegas. The only edge i have over them is i dont even know myself how ill play from one day to the next, so how can they? anyway ive seen lately im actually doing better in the tighter game at binions, (and online of course). this seems surprising, but is my game such a style that i actually do better against players i can bluff and manipulate instead of people i have no idea how they play?

i did make a mistake tonite. my game broke up at the nugget, and i had to move tables and was down about $75 when i moved tables and was quite frustrated id not been getting any really good hands all week. Id been playing just over 2 hours since id woke up a little after 2am. there was a young woman id never seen before in the 10 seat and i was in the 8 seat at my new table. i think she mightve been with the guy in the 1 seat not sure. She had about $160 and he had over $600. anyway, i sat there about 30 minutes, still not getting cards except for KK once and got beat but lost little. And i felt id played it badly not raising preflop UTG.

So i get 6Q offsuit in my unraised BB. flop comes up 10 6 2 with 2 clubs.
2-3 of us check, she bets $11. 1 guy calls, (who i thought was on a flush draw) and i called. I was quite surprised on the river when i found out she bet the flop with A7 of diamonds. At this point i was really sick of folding, and wanted to start showing a little aggression and try to force the action. (a certain dumbass living with his wife in bullhead suggested i do this). i checked the turn when an offsuit 7 came, and she bet $11 again. the other guy calls, with what im sure is a draw. i then made it $40, with about $53 behind. was fully expecting a fold from her, and maybe a call from the guy behind (worrying about the guy behind might prevent her from calling) and i can beat a draw if he dont hit. instead she calls, he folds, and on the river we both check, (figured another bluff was useless and if she had the draw id be good.) and of course i got beat by a pair of 7s which she turned. maybe i shouldve raised the flop instead or just folded?

what do all the rest of u nits do when playing tight, cant make a hand, and want to start playing a little more aggressively to force some action? anyone? scmg?

am quite disappointed and bothered by the fact my new friend lost interest in riding the train to louisiana with me and back, she claims she cant afford it and the extra time involved.

and if i dont get to laughlin now on the way to louisiana, ill miss out on $60 of my free play if i go on the 16th or later instead of leaving the 14th or 15th.

now id like u guys to call and look up the website, and see about the daily bus to laughlin, phoenix, and tucson that leaves Vegas daily called Tufesa. it leaves from the golden nugget and then stops at circus circus on its way out of vegas, then goes to laughlin on its way to phoenix and tucson. $30 will get u to laughlin, and $78 will get u to Tucson, where u can connect with the train to Shreveport for $125 one way. Problem is i couldnt understand from looking at the website where i stand to get the bus, which side of the nugget it parks on. and a valet guy there didnt know. so i went to phone them, and the lady didnt speak much English or be able to help me, said all she did was take reservations and didnt know who i could call. and it seemed to take like 3 days, but eventually they emailed me back, but didnt answer my question. Here is all the first email said.

Thank you for contacting GotoBus. We really appreciate your feedback and we sincerely apologize for any displeasure you may have encountered. Some times the customer service line is really busy, we apologize for the delay in replying you. We will try our best to improve our service in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback and have a wonderful day. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

so i emailed them again, and heres the reply. wrote on 2012-04-14 09:01:41

Can u please tell me where I stand outside the golden nugget to catch the bus to laughlin? There is no one working here who had heard of it. If I stand on the wrong side of the building ill miss it

could you tell me the confirmation number so that i could have a look at your order please?

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone at 617-354-2101.

--- havent yet placed an order. Too afraid too until I can first understand where I should stznd to catch the bus and im worried ill stand in the wrong place and not be able to get my money back.

joanna_wang wrote on 2012-04-14 09:18:24
well, when you book the ticket online there will be a map to show you the exact palce to get on the bus, you can just print the map so that you can easily find the right pick up place.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone at 617-354-2101.

i looked at that map, and all i seen was the address of the golden nugget, and a map of downtown vegas.

nothing about whether the bus pulls up on the east side of the hotel valetl, or the west side hotel entrance. im a little afraid to actually pull the lever and purchase the ticket til i find out for sure, why arent u able to find out this info for me by asking one of ur supervisors or by finding out the actual number of the bus driver, and calling him?

u have access to so much more info than i do and u shouldnt require a person buy a ticket first before they can learn this.

and of course, now im waiting to hear from her again and have NOT. my whole point is, im still not sure which entrance of the nugget to stand at, most likely it would be near the rush tower, but not sure. If i buy a ticket and am on the wrong side of the building and miss the bus, im out my money and cant get it refunded. that is a reason i dont like paying online instead of cash on the bus. the whole point is, i should be allowed to ask this, without having to first buy a ticket and make a reservation (and then hope they will tell me the answer once theyve gotten my money). in my opinion, trusting them to release that info after theyve got me locked into a reservation first isnt very good customer service, is anyone able to understand this?

and i hope the remaining $46 on BCP will be enough to not have to redeposit at dollar for dollar, sure hope this money arrives quickly, but he always waits til my money transfer goes thru first. i won all the money in $1-2 NL 08 when i got lucky on 2 hands i was allin on. all this is off my last $30 redeposit. unless i get a lot more help with all the expenses involved in getting to louisiana and back and staying there for a week (in case i need it mailed to me) i dont see how i can possibly make it back for the koala meetup. How can i be up $1070 on machines for the week and still be so broke? of course thats not counting the $300 i lost on the VP machine across the street in the nugget.

and i need to learn what style of game and opponents best suits my style of play too.

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