Monday, April 9, 2012

this is only the 2nd time ive ever had a room in the flamingo and the floors here are really slick, but not a bad room. certainly very close and convenient if u want to play at bills or osheas. reason i usually stayed ballys or IP was always because they seemed to give them out free more often with my diamond card last year when i used to get them free alot. and i had to book this room to pick up the $50 in free play, which is how i ended up with 2 rooms yesterday and today.

after falling asleep around 5pm, i kept going back to sleep, one reason because these rooms are pretty dark inside, and i didnt wake up for good til after 2am. Found some text messages that she would return me my laundry in the morning, and ill just let her bring me back downtown so i wont need to be out on the strip anymore, far away from the food in my refridgerator.

so i went over to bills, after first sitting in the flamingo for 10 minutes and deciding i didnt want to play in a game with the UTG straddler to my left, and bought in $51 and played pretty small for about an hour. seemed to not be the usual crowd, no locals for the most part. finally i turned my last $40 into $123 when i flopped a set and turned it into a full house on the river. one guy had a ton of outs and another lady flopped a straight. i thought she was the wife of the guy on my left but he ended up leaving long before she did and she wasnt with him.

and a little while later right when the game was getting really short, Kevin the IP dealer sat, and another woman and her bf sat, and then a local mexican guy whose name i dont remember with a lot of tattoos sat. he seemed to know me and be someone id played with, and i moved over 1 seat so he would be on my right instead of my left, because i could tell he was very aggressive, and sure enough he went allin dark first 3 hands, then rebought $100. he ended up knocking me down to only $69 on a hand, and i quit later on the blind with $18 profit still. i bet the turn (had 88) on a board of 35K3 where he checked dark twice, i didnt want to give a free card, and he had made it $10 preflop. i bet $20 and he check raised to $40, then checked again on the river. he had KT and rivered the flush. i am thinking my bet was a mistake?

but what i enjoyed the most about that game was when the women in the 8 seat with her bf asked the woman in the 10 seat (who id beat earlier with the boat) (and after she had commented that i still owed her a bunch of money after folding a different hand) if I was her husband. its nice that the girl in the 8 seat thought well enough of me to think that i could be married to a woman like the lady in the 10 seat. that made me feel really good, so i told Steve the floorman to find my online blog.

and im just sitting in my room playing online, waiting for the lady from NY to wake up and call me with my laundry. i was really surprised when she brought up the subject and offered cause i was planning to call vince soon. had about 5 shirts left.

new roll of around $3400 after getting the free play, a couple of small poker wins, and a few hundred on the VBJ machine at binions early yesterday morning getting the 300 points at very small bets, none over $30 but i kept winning more than ive ever won betting that small. far far above expectation. and then i also won free play there too, and picked up the free play at hardrock.

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