Monday, April 30, 2012

today cost me a TON

remember how yesterday i said my roll was in the $6700s? thats because i always round DOWN, instead of up. so actually the roll was about $6790. and today when i left the pokeroom at harrahs the roll was over $7200, but when i got checked into my room here and paid for 2 nights instead of 1, my roll was down to $6800 again.(still wasnt sure about committing to a week not knowing where i could BOtH stay cheaply and not have to worry about huge cab fees--a real concern around here.) would be so easy if someone had a car. still things in my life could be far worse, im lucky i keep winning.

not sure if ill be back to harrahs soon where most of my money is stored, i might just play on the ameristar for a while, its now closer to my hotel. Good news is my host went ahead and picked up yesterdays $99 room charge after all, but i still owed $26 tax and net charges. but thats the first thing today that added $100 back to my roll that id already mentally subtracted off. and i couldnt lose in that poker room. turned a $100 buyin into about $350+ in the $1-2 NL game, and then moved to the $1-2 $5 to bring it in PLO game that goes every day, and on thursdays only it is hilow. the other days its HIGH. min buyin $100, max $500. lots of straddling. I think a tight player can get a good edge, especially if shortstacking, but i really dont have much omaha hi experience. lost a quick $100 in that game, rebought $106, and then proceeded to run it up to $282 and cashout. so i won in both games in the pokerroom, and poker was all i played today.

so after getting my hotel money back, and winning so much at poker, my roll was over $7200 for the first time in a very long time. told u the games here in the midwest are far easier than in vegas. also MO is not allowed to ban anyone from counting cards by law unlike NV either. of course my roll isnt anywhere near that now. my room for 2 nights at this motel (no longer harrahs) cost me $116. checkout will be wednesday morning. todays cab ride was $71. (he was waiting outside for me the whole hour i was in the verizon store i didnt realize id be in nearly that long). plus it was a long ride to both the store, (lot more than the 3 miles google said because it was on a highway not straight,) also going back the other way towards st charles cost a lot too, long ride. thank God thats over and done with. plus it cost me $200 at the verizons store.

yeah $200.36, and the nice young black man who was helping me, did a lot for me. first he kept checking to see if he could get my old modem working again, and couldnt. that took up a lot of time. then he went to get me another modem, they were out of them, but if i switched to a monthly bill plan instead of prepaid they had one for me which is a better modem since it uses 4g instead of 3g. so i had to have them approve my credit, charge me a $125 deposit, buy a new modem that looks different, and now i have 10 GB a month instead of 5GB. for $80 a month. and i have a $50 refund coming in the mail in the form of a debit card. the other $50 refund the guy helping me got approved with the manager to go ahead and give it to me now or else it wouldve cost me a lot more for the modem. he did his best to get me the lowest charge, and get me out of there quickly to avoid extra cab fare, but it still took about an hour. also they got the activation fee waived since i still had a balance on my old acct no longer any good. so now ill never run out of airtime again and have to buy more, only difference is im now on a 2 yr contract just like with my cell phone. and some months if i use up all my time ill be charged more for the net. ill now be getting a monthly bill and after a year my $125 deposit will be refunded.

also the diamond lounge here is way better than vegas, although there are no computers, and it pisses me off i cant order milk. they have a menu on the wall of the elevator of which i took a picture of all the different things u can order free off the menu. (u can order 1 item). much better than vegas, more like a meal. and NO $10 fee like in ac nj.

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