Saturday, April 21, 2012

took me forever to figure out how to get this picture to load.

anyway, this is the table i was at tonight in shreveport in the eldorado. maybe if u look really close, u can see the word eldorado if u have a way to zoom in on the tiny print. the fat guy with the glasses and striped shirt was named Will, and he was a loose cannon. winning big pots calling with J4 offsuit preflop. and the old man in the red hat next to him was horrible too. i won $81, but $40 of it went on cabs and tips. also got a fruit plate for $10 with tip, and a players card made up. the cab will only be $10 instead of $20 once i get resettled into the other hotel tomorrow. and there doesnt seem to be any of the VBJ here, and im sure geico caveman dont come to louisiana to play so what would he know about machines outside laughlin?

this hotel is willing to let me stay late up til 2pm. good idea since i have to wait til in the afternoon to check into the other hotel by the week. the reason i needed ID replaced so badly isnt to fly, or anything like this, its without an ID u cannot rent a hotel room in any casino. so anyone thinking i dont have a current ID right now would have to be very foolish. my friend booked and paid for my hotel room while i was on the plane, but i reimbursed her back when i got here by paying cash for the room so it wouldnt come out of her pocket, and then i got on the phone to let her know i paid cash and her credit card got refunded. but at least i had a room waiting for me, and she helped to select a nice place thats safe.

id be curious to know where anyone local could live cheaply by the month thats safe downtown and convenient back and forth to the casino everyday. this game seemed really loose 6-7 people many flops maybe its not always like this, maybe i was just at a good table?

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