Wednesday, April 25, 2012

waking up and ready to start the day, but i shouldnt wake up after noon here when i must be out before 11am checkout

today isnt the day im checking out of course, but just so i will be up and ready to check out when it is the right day saturday.

Was a little surprised the other day when a Horseshoe dealer named Greg said he knew of my blog. not sure how.

left the horseshoe with a very small win, and used the small win to get a haircut nearby the casino in a very tiny little shop with 2 black barbers which didnt seem to be run very professionally. but i got all the beard cut off too, and still for not over $18, so it wasnt bad. 1 guy had left the shop and the guy who was cutting my hair, a guy came in to talk with him about his friday appt, and they were sitting elsewhere talking about 10-15 min while i was still in the middle of my haircut.

anyway i thought maybe i was the only white guy to have ever came in the shop. walked from the horseshoe to the boomtown boat and theres no VBJ in there either.

rode over to the eldorado and sat down and actually did good over there played several hours, and left with over $400 profit. now im back to having $5000 locked up at the cage again. rolls at $6300

then rode over to the horseshoe 1 final time before i went home to sleep. started off getting pissed off about a really weird rule they have, a rule ive not seen anywhere in vegas, only at a place in cali once. this rule has a tendency to be unfair to the caller. if u call someone elses allin, i dont care if u do it preflop or on the river, the polite thing to do is for the guy who went allin to show first. not to have YOU show first (when u only called) and then maybe for him to muck if u win and u never get to see what he shoved allin with.

anyway a guy straddle, i raised to $35 and said this is what i do when a guy straddles my blind. (i had JJ) he goes allin and i call. flop comes up JK7, turn 10, and river 5. dealer then tells me its on me to show first. i thought maybe my 3 jacks were good, but no the other guy had AQ and turned the straight.

so a few hands later, still pissed off about that horrible unfair rule, (why make a rule for the sole purpose of allowing a guy to go allin, get called, then muck without showing later once he forces the guy who called him to show first?) thats a very poor ettiquette rule. but anyway i get aa a few hands later and vastly overshove for my last $78 the same dealer asked me "cant u stack ur chips in a neat pile?"(i had the first guy covered because i was up about $100 before that hand). 2 guys call thinking im on tilt, one had QQ. and i tripled up to $240 and then felt better again.

and about 45 minutes later when im getting tired about to leave and have given back over $75,but still with $160 in front of me. i get 99 and decide its my last hand, same guy straddles and a couple calls. i overshove one more time telling them i have nothing and am leaving. i talked 1 guy into making a call with AQ suited, not what i wanted him to have, i was trying to talk him into calling with a hand i could dominate like 77 or A5 suited. i really felt like they were a lot weaker cause it looked like he was folding fast if i didnt speak up.

then he won of course and i got in the cab pissed id talked him into the call.

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