Saturday, May 19, 2012

hi from the amtrak station in cleveland.

this is about the only way u can trust a post or comment is really being made by me, is if its posted as a new blog entry. hope grouchie is still willing to help, i give up on trying to figure out how to stop fake posts. its been suggested i install forum software, but i have no idea how to do that. still waiting for ideas and help with this. i just want to make sure josie dont blame me over them.

now 100% of whats been posted on the black pimps blog lately is not from me not 1 single post, been way over a month i actually really did post anything there. some of what that imposter posted u should be able to tell obviously isnt anything id really say, and some of it is a little more subtle and harder to tell its not me. let me just reassure everyone i wont be posting there and 100% of the comments will be fake. and im sure most of u are smart enough to realize, thats certainly not the real koala, josie or tatude either. even vince was wondering about that. anyone with tech knowhow who can assist me in getting rid of fake posts will be greatly appreciated.

im no more comfortable living in cleveland than i am in toledo. might be in either city if i had a large enough roll to rent an apt monthly and knew a good place id feel safe enough. cleveland has wonderful bus service though.

am leaving at 1.08 am on the train heading east out of cleveland, still with a roll of about $5900, had to buy a ticket, yesterdays room was outrageous, and of course lost over $400 in the game, mostly all of the loss was yesterday instead of today, and of course food and cabs. vince put $82 into my bank acct from my $200 in free play. and ive been told there isnt many people on the train tonight, should be able to sit by myself hopefully, and get a nice long desperately needed sleep. and im not yet ready to tell anyone if ill be in foxwoods, philly delaware or ac. need to find a place to stay first. at least im still off the VBJ, table BJ, and video poker. ill spend most all the time on the train tonight sleeping instead of browsing the web. so if u see a post in the comments, highly unlikely it will be me in the next 8 hours or so.

still never ever heard a word from billy, but today seen a guy fitting his description of short and weighing about 130 pounds at my table a while, suspect maybe it was him, no idea what happened though.

at one point late in the day i made a loose call with JT suited preflop and outdrew a guy, also did it once with 67 diamonds against aa. was up to $251 but left with $100 even, lost it all back on TJ suited too. didnt really play that well, ive been so tired all day. had less than 3 hours sleep in my room before checkout.

and a lot of last nights comments here werent by me either as they claimed to be, surely u guys shouldve been smart enough to tell that without me pointing it out. to think id pay $50 for socks or look for a hooker til i had far more money and into safe housing is ludicrous. last time i gave a hooker $180 i had an $11000 roll and an apt in reno.

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