Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i am no longer in Joliet IL, nor will i EVER EVER be there again

in fact, im not even in the entire state of IL. am well out of there. and also, if anyone posts in the comments with the name sevencard2003, it will most definitely not be me, will not post there anymore until i first get a verified account and let u know with another new blog entry. tired of people having to guess if thats really me or not.

for $94 i can get to wilmington delaware tomorrow evening. and for $63 i can get to charleston WV. i am not sure of other locations of pokerrooms in WV near an amtrak, it lists the locations of all the stops, but i have no idea if any of the other stops are near a casino. there is no amtrak station in wheeling, and i dont know of the other locations for casinos in WV, and a search on craiglists or of hotels doesnt show anything cheap by the week nowhere.

new roll of $5400. thats of course after a large cab fare, and huge losses at both the BJ table and the poker table. and thats a $25 min BJ table. man is that an expensive game to play. IL casinos really suck. not only are they extremely strict about no cell phone use at the poker table, its hard to find empty BJ seats, especially 2 together due to certain weird IL state gaming regulations limiting the number of spots. i was told in IN its easier to get an empty table, but since ive played in IN in years i dont know from firsthand experience. i am wondering how i will survive with this low of a roll.

i am also worried those rates will go up if i dont book them today, and for friday they are higher, next week they go back down again. but i cannot find cheap housing anywhere. i did ask a friend about another cheap housing possibility in another state, but she hasnt answered back today all day. and of course i dont want to book anything ahead of time, thats one reason my roll is $200 less than it would otherwise be.

we all know what happened the last time i tried to save money booking an airfare ahead of time, dont we?

anyway i started the day off getting seated in a $1-3 NL game, and was down close to $150 when the PLO got going. i had a hard time getting an end seat because they moved it to the other NL holdem table, but just relocated players around from table to table to make that game PLO (it had been holdem). 1 player offered to switch with me, as he could tell i didnt want to sit there, and then the big fat guy who i wouldve swore was pokermonkey at first but wasnt, who was now in the 8 seat (im now in the 7--and they play 9 handed-means the 7 is an end seat) anyway he asked for the seat change button when i sat.

now he was the guy harrassing me the other day saying im cheap because i waited for the blinds to pass, and rebought in for $100 after leaving the game 3 hours earlier with $482. said i should follow the rules, when actually the rules allow me to only wait 1 hour not 3. he was bitter i didnt have to buyin $400 plus.

anyway i start playing, and am playing a little over an hour, and actually won a pot off him once, and am only about $80 away from being even for the day. but then i start giving it away slowly, and after around 90 minutes, go out to play a few hands of BJ, and i was also considering heading to my room to get my phone which id forgot. the only thing i did right was not play VP but the reason for that was someone was sitting on the machine. so i found an empty seat at the $25 BJ table, that was also next to an empty seat, and started playing since i seen a few more small cards used than big ones. started off playing big too, unlike usually. put out 2 hands of $100 each. lost, one with a double down, and then put out 3 hands of $150. lost again. the count went from the plus 4 i seen before i sat to plus 13 (but of course that was only the 3 hands i saw). face cards galore seemed to be left. so i put out 3 hands $300 each, and won most of the hands, was almost back all id risked, yet still down so i couldnt quit. and by the time i went back to my poker seat, id rebought in the BJ game, and was in for $1900 total, and left the table with only $625 of it.

so now being thouroughly stuck and on tilt, i added the whole $625 to my stack, which meant i had a little over $800 on the table, and i needed to bring it up to $2428 to be even for the day. lost a hand, and had about $500 plus left when the following hand occured.

i was about to leave on my next BB with what few chips i had left, and just quit playing and maybe deposit $50 online with what was left, and do research about whens the soonest amtrak out of town going anywhere. as usual the same guy on my left whose stacks somewhat smaller than mine, makes it $5 on his sb on my button. now hes been doing that all the time, so i gave him no respect. i wanted to see the flop for $2 with my QQ34 single suited. but since i have the button and all call his $5 who called the $2 i pot it to narrow the field to be HU with him. he repots it, all fold to me, and i just go allin, he calls. flop comes up A43, 4 turn, Q river, i am the one who went allin, so i show first my full boat. he sits there forever, and says i got lucky to hit the Q on the river, and stares at his hand, then says "i wish Trevor was here to see this". Trevor was the guy he said i slowrolled the other day but i didnt slowroll anyone. i was allin for the main pot, there was a side pot between trevor and the lady, and im not supposed to show til after the side pot is settled first, then i show for the main pot. anyway he finally turns over his aa for a bigger full house.

i totally forgot about having him covered by $150-200 plus and shove the pile of chips to him, knocking them all over the table, saying "take it asshole" and then getting up and leaving, yelling "bar me from this place. im never coming back."

the reason i was so angry wasnt just that id lost over $2300 plus the day, it was the fact the guy was such an ass and was so fat. i've never been fat because i cant afford to eat much, and i cannot understand how someone who plays poker can get fat like Alaskagal and pokermonkey. me i never leave the table to eat when i feel hungry like i should. i felt like he had been hogging my space the whole time making me sit closer to the 6 seat than id intended to.

so im walking off the boat, to my hotel to check out and leave Joliet IL forever, when it suddenly dawns on me i have money coming to me. now theres nothing i want to do right now less than walk back on that boat. But i figure if i dont get this fixed right away with the gaming commission and the cameras, ill never have any proof and to get my money. and another way me blowing up is gonna cost me money is i played so heavily on the machines yesterday id probably been able to get 1-2 of my nights comped had all this not happened. so that too cost me over $100 possibly.

so i walk on the boat, right into the poker room, and tell the lady behind the desk i have money coming to me, and that i want the gaming commission, and instead of answering me, she grabs the phone and calls security and i angrily yank it out of her hand and hang up, (same reason i got banned at sams town and cant play stud there). grump is dumb to think vegas has all the poker games when sams town is the only place u can play stud. obv only the east coast has true game selection, his comment irritated me, but if it makes him feel better, him asking me to deposit on BCP for him didnt bother me at all. i really dont want to upset grump right now because i need to know all the hotel info he knows about cheap hotels in WV near various poker rooms. and cheap apts longterm too. things that only someone living in WV would know.

well im pointing at the player telling the entire room very loudly what an asshole he is for slowrolling me, and how horribly that casino treats their customers like shit. and how rude i feel hes been, and saying they arent gonna cheat me and that i demand they investigate and give me my money. turns out, (i didnt know this) but the table and dealer already knew i had money coming, but it was a little hard to figure out due to me throwing the chips everywhere when i'd left the room. they had been trying to reconstruct the pot. security took me off the boat then, talked to me, tried to calm me down, and sent me to my room while they checked the cameras. about 10 min later after researching amtrak websites in the room (to leave town immediately) i got the phone call that theyd determined i was to get $150, and to come downstairs with my luggage and check out.

the head of security handed me $150 cash, i checked out of the hotel, and he told me im not banned from playing any other harrahs casinos, but he wouldnt ever let me come back on his boat again or at least he was recommending that to his boss who is the one who really decides that.

and no im not telling anyone where im sleeping tonight now and what im doing, not til i make plans and figure things out where im gonna be. i think ill be less stressed if i find a cheap room or apt long term on the east coast in a place i can play $1-5 stud, for that u need a very small roll, and i soon may have a very small roll, only problem is theres no money to be made in it either. i am also thinking of battle creek casino, wilkes barre ca, bethelhem sands casino, de park, or pretty much anywhere in FL. and im not familiar enough with wv to know if a town is right by the casino in another town (all suburbs of the same city) for i am 100% totally unfamiliar with the geography of the state. name any casino or city and i cannot say if its on the North east west or south. all i know is wheeling is on the ohio state line.

but how is the amtrak only $63 to charleston? and $94 to wilmington on a very slow 25 hour train that also goes thru cinncinati way out of the way and yet if u take a direct train from chicago to cleveland and pittsburgh and philly its like never less than $177? ud think the rates would be similar and the other one often is sold out. i guess the other cities are way more popular and the route thru cinn and wv into de etc is not near as popular.

tomorrow i might head on back down into chicago if i take the amtrak. or i might wait til the next week. i am getting so low on money i got to find a way to cut off expenese. i dont think my expenses will be any cheaper in WI either.

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