Friday, May 25, 2012

if i had $20,000, and had managed my money a whole lot better in life, this is where i could be living for the SAME PRICE IM PAYING NOW

I/m not sure if i did this correctly for the link to come up, but if not, maybe i will have it corrected before u see it. I am paying close to $900 a month right now, for a real dump of a room, simply because i cannot afford to prepay several thousand in move in costs upfront, and have to pay by the week instead. Hopefully this will show u a picture of a nice condo unit. Quite surprised they dont cost any more here in AC than they cost in las vegas on the strip, because all of the REGULAR apts and rooms sure do cost a hell of a lot more. when i get to be rich and have a lot of money, i really need one local friend who can assist me in learning HOW to go about moving into stable long-term housing. how can the condos be the same price or less than vegas while all the other places are so much more?

yeah im paying the same price for a extra tiny room, no microwave, that id pay for an extra nice apt with a much much larger fridge and air conditioning in a little bit safer area to walk to. i dont understand why the "cheap" rooming houses rent for the same price as the nice condos, must be something im not understanding, its just i cant take a large amount of $3000-6000 out of my roll to prepaid to move into a nice condo. so im stuck with renting as low as possible weekly. this is why having $15-25k is so needed, (why i feel so stressed out all the time that im nowhere near the hi-water mark of last fall) and is why i have always wasted money on games i shouldnt because i feel in desperate straights with no way out. (same reason a lot of poor people buy lottery tickets, which is also foolish due to the payback percentages).

never realized this about AC til i started pricing condos. (actually what i was really looking at was apts for rent).

at least tonight got off on a good footing. back to $4100 roll from $3800. i stayed off any machines, and i played only poker, no table BJ. What got me off to a good start was meeting david and debbie from Vineland NJ at the Taj, they are readers of my blog. they come to AC often and their daughter supposedly deals at the revel, but the dealers there swore they werent her. anyway i managed to leave the game at Taj up $88, and we all went to the showboat and i left there up $19. ate at Johnny rockets and left my phone there on accident. (got it back now). they do accept harrahs comps.

so i walked the boardwalk to the revel, had a hard time finding the poker room. there seemed to be a faster way, but i couldnt figure it out. waited for a seat, and later the game got very shorthanded, wanted to stay and play, had my $100 min buyin up to $379, but left with only $271. the one guy i was somewhat afraid of who was drunk beat me on a hand but won the bare minimum off me so i was happy. on a board of 5889K i had Q8 and he had A8 and id called any bet but he made the raise only $30. they do give out $50 in free play when u sign up downstairs and show a diamond card from either harrahs trump or borgata. their machines suck though.

found my phone missing while there, the poker room manager (black guy named Charles) called up and said i didnt pull it out at the table via surveillance and he then called johnny rockets for me but they were closed. (i made it there 45-60 min later as the employees were leaving and got it back luckily). Charles knew me from the Taj yrs ago, i didnt remember him at all. they are offering $3 rake max til june 25 if that interests anyone in coming over. buyin is $100 min to $500 instead of $60-300 (standard of ac).

then went back to the showboat and continued to win. not near as much though, sat there a few hours, but overall the night went good. i guess because i didnt start off on tilt, because david was willing to come up and introduce himself and let me know who he was.

guess i wont be around foxwoods, dont feel like doing more traveling, need to get settled into a steady room. especially after getting a fan and blanket. didnt make this trip to meet anyone anyway, (such as amanda and josie). only cause i thought id be better off outside vegas. and besides i knew the first comments by amanda and carmel were fake, (both showed the same ISP). Not sure why Josie thought the one by Carmel was real. the $1-5 stud only goes at TAJ the wrong hours, still wish i had more than just holdem, but maybe i should stick to NL and just grind til my roll is in far better shape

which reminds me--i shouldnt be trying to grow the roll at all costs. what i should do at all costs is holdon to what i have left. cannot go any lower, and what i do have is a reasonable amount to start with. i shouldnt risk big money to try and get back $100-200 losses. id never have big losses if i didnt try to get unstuck. (such as wed nite when i never posted before i slept thurs)

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