Tuesday, May 8, 2012

im lucky as FUCK, turned $700 video poker loss into $300 win for the day

think of how good id be doing had i not wasted $600-700 on a $1 $2 $5 multidenominal big split VP machine, max bet $100. started off the day doing that while i waited for my poker seat, and then didnt hear them call me. (if they really did). walked downstairs with $1142 cash in my back pocket, and got off the VP machine with $525 really pissed off. went to a $25 min BJ table, (tables are terribly crowded here due to IL gaming regulations) and i wanted to be where i was next to an empty seat. ended up winning $538 at that table, and walked in the poker room and sat with $263. won about $48 more and then the $1-2 PLO game started, and i sat with $111. at that time i only needed $31 more to be even. which is a lot better than i deserved to be for the day, after that big VP loss. VP seems to be what hurts me more than any other game

now im in room a little tired (and i ate) for the last hour or so, talked to some people online, but ill head back over to the poker room, it dont close for 5 hours yet. i turned my $111 PLO buyin into $482. i seem to be doing really good in PLO and yet i usually only play PLO8 online. i guess shortstackers have too big an edge to lose, unless ive just ran lucky. one hand early on i tried to bluff, and got down to only $85 (had him covered when he called.) and i guess it helped me get the call i didnt really want later on when i won a huge hand to get me up to $482, but luckily he didnt hit one of his numerous outs on the river.

and heres the hand to post. i had AK clubs, 79 diamonds. flop comes up with 2 clubs, 238. we all check. (the preflop raise was to $8 by soneone else). turn comes 5. guy bets pot, i call, intending to bluff if the board pairs, and also bet my flush or straight if club or 6 comes. board pairs, i am first to act, i shove $205 allin, not realizing he only has $120 and he finally calls and i ended up being now down to $85. the guy on my left thought i played it well and hes the local regular who also plays for a living. some players it would of worked. PLO seems like an easy game to bluff in if deepstacked, which of course ill never be unless online with my measly roll. probably should play it deepstacked online low stakes to gain deepstack experience?

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  1. its amazing how many years ive forgotten in life where i was so much richer financially than i am now---many times in 1999-2005 i was over $6000 or so and i sure wasnt getting ssi then--it was all coming from wins in the casino. back then i played live BJ a lot too