Monday, May 14, 2012

a little disappointment

at one point last night, i was $286 ahead, but i couldnt leave because id been there less than an hour and i wasnt just gonna sit around in an empty motel room all night playing online. (one reason id be better off around more choices of where to play.) by the time i returned home to my room, i was $18 down. of course the cab fare there and back covered the $18. also my phone died rather early and i was bored without a way to get online or play games at the table. I'm still letting it charge in my room, takes about 2 hours to fully charge when dead. have not yet turned it on to see what text messages i mightve missed.

I would much rather rent a bike than buy it, unless of course i could buy in extremely cheap, dont want to be out $100 + if im not gonna be somewhere longterm, but im not sure if there is places to rent bikes? someone else came up with the good idea of buying from a pawn shop, where i might possibly be able to resell it to when i leave. certainly dont want anything that has a motor, wouldnt know how to ride it.

Was a little nervous at the cardroom tonight, feel they need better security. the table going next to mine, 2 guys almost got in a fight. one guy left drunk and mad at this one guy, was challenging him (and anyone else at the table) to come outside he was asked to leave. after leaving he walked back in the door 1 minute later and told the guy, hey my girlfriend just said u were hitting on her, then he walked right up to the guy and knocked off his cap, and the guy behind the counter in the office was yelling he was calling the police and he left again. the guy who got drunk was a regular player.

now the manager claims this never happens here, but of course they are gonna claim that to a new customer. am really wondering, how safe are these places and do the ones ive been referred to elsewhere in michigan have much better security? would like to thank everyone on this blog and on facebook also i talked about for their referrals and efforts in helping me select where to go next if i leave.

i find it funny how anyone can claim i have a tendency to be violent, when all i say is just talk online, and in the blog about how i really feel on the inside. ive never challenged anyone to a fight or hit anyone. when i threw the coke, (and ive said many times it wasnt the glass itself) i looked to make sure no one was around and didnt see anyone. i did miss seeing one guy around the corner who was looking up in the air trying to determine where the liquid was coming from than was coming down like mild raindrops, like a mist though, not a geyser. thats because i aimed it upward, not outward. there is a ton of people in a poker room who really are violent. and they just have more money than me is all, so no one really cares how they act.

a casino has a lot better security, probably i should leave and go into ac.

at least im still only playing poker, in fact thats all i can play here, i understand other charity rooms have BJ going alot more often, but the rules suck so bad with keeping ties, id never dream of playing it. same as i dont play it in ca and ok. thats a far bigger edge in favor of the house than even money on BJ is.

was worried id have an hour wait or more for a cab, the first company said 90 minutes and the next one said an hour, but it came in only 30 minutes before they closed. didnt want to be standing outside waiting for it thats for sure. thats why i need to be a close walk, or have a bike. the 2am closing time really really sucks big time. a much safer closing time would be 6am if the law would allow it like they do in WA. ive no idea what the closing times are for charity rooms are in phoenix and im curious.

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