Monday, May 28, 2012

long overdue blog post

by the time i get around to having everything else done online, and being able to post, im so tired im going to sleep. i find sleeping days best and being awake at nights, never been comfortable sleeping nighttime hours instead of daytime hours unless im living in a place thats got very good security and all the other tenants are well off financially. also this way i can walk back to my room in the morning to sleep instead of at night.

am surprised how many well known regulars on here have still not registered for an account at for that is where my new forum is, and its to be used for commenting on my blog, and also for the purpose of creating threads about whatever is of importance and somewhat relates to me, or to atlantic city poker. am still in the process of learning how to ban certain things on the forum and how to use the various features. everyone needs to take a more active role and register over there. participate in the polls and make suggestions for various polls.

i feel like i can play poker forever here without going broke. i do worry about going broke a lot however, because i keep giving away poker winnings on the VP machines. no vbj 3-2 machines however, none with a dealer on a big screen either. my roll is about $4300 and it should be closer to $4500. but twice today and yesterday i lost back about $50-100 in poker winnings at VP machines. i cant seem to win enough to overcome the losses on VP.

poker however is played very poorly here in AC and the games are beatable. thats the good news. and i enjoyed playing $5-10 stud. isnt 300 big bets the proper roll for that game? if it is, i should be able to grow the roll ONLY playing $5-10 stud. 50-60 hours a week should be $500-600 profit. of course, theres still lots of variance in limit games, and also, i wont stick to only playing that. ill still hit and run alot, walk around to many casinos, and play some NL.

the revel sure was popular last night, 10+ games going after midnite. $3 max rake and a lot of young nightclub donkeys really makes the games good. no nits cause of the $100-500 buyin at $1-2 instead of the standard $60-300 for AC. ive had my biggest wins there, does that mean i should do ALL my playing there? still keep forgetting to ask if they have safe deposit boxes, would want to get one so i can withdraw all that out of the bank to be safe.

Lots of attractive women in the poker rooms here in AC unlike vegas for some reason. awful lot of women dressed like hookers walking about in the casino too, but thats the way most all women dress nowdays. not my type really. i want someone who is NOT looking like a hooker and wears normal shoes, to hang out at the poker table with. someone whose normal looking, not really thin like a crack whore and not obese either. i feel bad about a really donkey call yesterday against a beautiful young girl at the showboat who i thought was with the guy next to her, but later found out she wasnt. im guessing she didnt have a room, shed been talking about the cheapest place on white horse pike $200 a night saturday and i think went to sleep in his car or was with a guy in his car who was out there asleep. i had 67 spades, and was down for the night so it affected my play. i limped UTG and it was raised to $6, and i didnt shove, only called. flop comes KK4 with 2 spades. i check, she bets into 3 people. bet was like $20. its folded to me, and i shove about $90 allin, praying she dont have a king and expect her to be tight from the game so far. she calls quickly with AK hearts and i river the flush and she leaves and is not happy.

the kid on the other side of her thinks i played the hand great, but im not as sure. also i still see some young women i think are just normal customers, but later am surprised to find out theyre with a black guy whose in a tourny elsewhere. so hard to just see one whose not with a guy or someway taken. i wouldve given the first woman her money back if i couldve afforded it and she wanted me in her life. keep thinking any minute one of these women will introduce herself as amanda but so far it dont seem like she ever ventures this far out of boston.

and my rents almost due and i really dont want to renew it but ive got nowhere to go really. not played in ac near enough to be getting all the free rooms some people talk of. and so many restaraunts take ur comp dollars and charge double if u dont pay cash, i didnt realize this about ac.

also when i have time, i want to create seperate threads in the forum for different poker rooms around ac. and id like others to assist with this too. and im out of cold drinks and as usual, the milk FROZE in the fridge. this happens alot with cheap fridges. when that happens all u can do is throw it out. only about 3 shirts left too.

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