Tuesday, May 22, 2012

on the NJ transit into AC from out of philly, not sure yet where i will find a cheap room with a vacancy so i can move in immediately

will not stay in one with roommates, only myself of course. theres a different between renting a room where u have a secure entrance, a locked door, and are the only one there, or at least in your room. ive always pictured places with lots of tenants houses where bedroom doors are not able to be locked, and i dont want to be seen by any other tenants or have them see me. i want my door to open to an empty hallway or the outside.

down to $4900 after not being able to beat the poker game at parx, probably just due to playing bad when tired and running poorly. lost about $500 overall at poker and about $500 more on VBJ, and also about $200 on expenses, etc. but i did beat the 6/12 omaha8 stud 8 mix, even 3 handed. eugene the asian was in the game, claims he reads my blog but doesnt post, but not really that often. never did see borzi, matt kleckner, or busterstacks, at least not to my knowledge anyway. thought i saw matt in my omaha, but he claims he wasnt him. there was a dealer named matt from elsewhere playing at my nl game, he didnt look like the picture.

the main priority must be to get settled into a place cheap enough longterm where id want to stay there, and not have to be on the move all the time, cause its eating up all my money. im going downhill fast, and at least now i wont be around the vbj machines. still would rather be in foxwoods though, to find stud easier. ill be arriving in ac about the time im finishing up typing the blog post. am coming up now into egg harbor township. at least ive still got over 80% of it in the bank, but thats not a good long term solution either. and i wont even be able to see the lady in NY, i got into the area too late, and shes in vegas now dealing the wsop, vince seems to know her well( he said he remembers pushing her out of the box before often), and she doesnt remember him, but will see him soon at the dealers orientation. she has put that other thing off for quite a while as shes too busy to deal with it.

the only way to count the vbj at parx, and the spread sucks, $5 min $100 max only in $5 increments, is to count only ur own cards, and not the ones in the dealers hands or other players hands. they have so many empty ones in the back corner of the poker room its very easy to play by urself. also heres what really sucks, u arent getting any points on ur players cards. although they said they do consider ur total action monthly in mailing out comps. so the best way to play is to immediate leave when u go neg and move to the next spot as many spots and empty machines available even if u move about every hand til a good shoe comes.

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