Sunday, May 13, 2012

please be willing to answer a few questions, if i got this done, it would be a big load off my mind and id be more calm and relaxed.

I would like a complete listing of all the little tiny cardrooms anywhere in the USA outside of CA, such as WA, OR, AZ, MT, MI, FL, etc, places that most players (and readers) have never heard of and know nothing about, and which have only poker, and no machines. only played VBJ 2 times since leaving vegas. i need to research every single one of them for cheap housing less than a mile away as long as they are in a very safe neighborhood. some of them are just for charity, and are where casinos are legal. (phoenix and MI for example). over 200 of them in MI alone, and i never realized that.

roll is still about $5800, even after spending over $190 including tax to rent a place for a week. and this isnt too great a fridge, the freezer is unusable due to what i think is a lot of frozen ice covering it up. but i did fill up the fridge when i went to the store and priced bicycles. Ended up paying a lot bigger cab fare than i intended, didnt realize how far the store was. The driver lied to me.

remember how i couldnt cut my fingermails because i didnt have my clippers? well i bought a pair of clippers tonite while at the store. and guess what spilled out of one of the pockets of my laptop case back at home buried under a ton of magazines and papers that had been in there forever when i got home? thats right the OLD clippers. also i priced reading glasses in there but didnt buy any, seemed too high priced at $10 and up. Im not anywhere near as well off as i was financially before coming to Joliet.

The cardroom, (not a casino) had 2-3 tables of $1-2 NL going, no BJ, no pulltabs, no machines, no nothing but poker. no bigger games to move to if i was stuck. no free food, only coffee and pop was free. and its NOT 24 hours. so that means poker is ALL im going to be playing, and im sure many of u will think thats for the best. Others (who dont want whats best for me and hope i go broke on VBJ and VP) will suggest i go back to vegas. Theres plenty of other similar cardrooms not too far away. but no casino nearby.

would like to move into a regular apt if i could find one cheap and safe nearby, id like to fill up my freezer with frozen meals if they would only fit.

i ended up winning $300 today before expenses. alot better than i expected, early on the play was pretty bad and weak. i was up $142. then i started giving it away, took a bad beat and some loose calls, and was wishing i could play BJ to get it back or a machine or a bigger game. none of which were options available. i also wished i could have back the $20 or so id gave away in tips. and this one dealer every time he sat down id start losing. one guy was losing very heavily $200 rebuy at a time. a good young kid, whose stack had grown to about $500, from $200, raised to $17 preflop. the donkey makes it all in for $89. i look down, see AK suited, and call. the kid then goes allin, and damn im pissed the donkey opened it back up for him. (this being the only place to play poker, i must make sure i never get barred however). at least thats what lightnings text said. anyway i made the right decision, i folded, he had KK and won. id have had to call about $300 more, and he had me covered.

how do u find a bicycle that is NOT a 10 speed on craigslist? i am so unfamiliar with bikes i cannot tell from reading ads which ones arent 10 speeds or 21 speeds. i can tell some of the ones that are because it says it in the ad, but i cannot be sure which are not. what would an ad say that DEFINITELY is a normal bike, and how can i tell its an adult bike and not a kids? these are simple things i dont know which makes me dumb. i really dont know how to do nothing but gamble at poker and BJ. u would need to be patient and really give a lot of details.

and where in MI can i live within a few blocks very cheaply of a charity casino in a very safe area? the town im in now is very small, but its a little ways from the cardroom. id like to live closer to it. considering theres 200 of them, surely one of them fits, must be a good area though. no unsafe areas like a lot of detroit is. Britni says to buy a house here. She said im defintely doing the right thing not giving any details on my blog, and says i shouldve shut it down long ago. She has no idea im no longer receiving counseling and says she hopes its helping me. was very irritated i only asked about myself and not about her health which is always worrying her. she came online while i was in that chinese laundrymat where the bus drops u off thats FREE to majestic star and back.

surely someone who goes to these type of places knows a whole lot more about cheap housing right next to one. its good for me to not be able to play anything but poker, and wa and az have a lot of them too. out of that many, theres got to be at least some omaha hilow? apts here a lot of them are as low as $395 a month in areas id not mind living in, similar to places i lived in many years ago in various other cities. i would think at least 1 reader would live in MI. I told no one about my blog of course at the table, would rather they not find it and know about it being the place is so tiny. I dont really think theres any pros here, but there was a couple good players, always the youngest guys there of course, much younger than me.

im doing quite well to have spent over $400 since that big drop, and still have over $400 more left. of course, ive only played poker since. also the finger is starting to feel normal again. had nothing to do with the nail, something must of gotten under the skin. still a little bump in there.

big pot today i had flopped JJJ when the donkey flopped 222. and it held up thats the pot i won over $200 of of him. was in for $356 total and left with $662.

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