Wednesday, May 23, 2012

relaxing in my room in front of my fan

yeah, i found a room, paid for a week, a little extra to make sure i had my own bathroom and fridge. still no microwave though. Tv isnt working. the first place, the asian lady renting it out said it would be $200 a week plus $800 security deposit for a month, and i couldnt do it, not knowing if id be there longer than a week or two, no way could i take $800 out for the security deposit and have her come up with some excuse not to give it back. too risky. the 2nd place (or rather the FINAL place i looked at) they didnt want near all that much to move in. yesterday was the only day left this week i could still get relatively cheap rooms in the casino itself (showboat for $29). and i couldnt update my blog last night because i didnt have my laptop when i slept in my room at the showboat, it was still in the bus lobby at ballys. i left it there til i gathered my bags from ballys AFTER finding this room, and then i could finally change my shirt and get online.

also filled the fridge with a few small items, freezer isnt very big at all, really wish i had a 10k or so roll, because for the same amount of money i could be renting a regular apt. its just the upfront costs there would be $3000 and up if theyd rent to me at all, really need to find housing from someone who rents to poker players. (and doesnt require any proof of income or a long term commitment).

so when i first got into ac on the train first thing i did was take a shuttle to ballys and locked up my bags in the coat check in the bus lobby. then i went to the ballys poker room, and sat in the $1 $1 blinds game ($50-150 buyin). the next level is $1-3 NL $150-500 buyin. i wasnt aware that in the $1 $1 blinds game, u had to bring it in for $2. also u cannot straddle on the button in AC.

i was in the 2 seat and my $67 buyin got cut in half within the first hour. the guy in the 1 seat left, and a young girl from the other table moved over from her table to the 1 seat, complaining about how the guy on the other table said to her he hadnt showered in 2 weeks. i managed to remain quiet. (thought maybe i smelled bad from sleeping on the train). she played quite aggressive and was winning. but i think was too loose. i went broke there, (had my mind on where id stay, and wasnt playing my best), didnt rebuy and left to go to the taj to see if they still had $1-5 stud.

they had 2 stud gamea along with some holdem games, no $1-5 though. now todays theres one going, but last night it was only $5-10 stud and $10-20 stud, i ended up sitting them both, started off with $5-10 and was losing left and right, when i left the room i was out $366. (counting what i lost in ballys pokerroom and $65 on a VP machine before leaving ballys.) they dont have any good VBJ, (just even money BJ), none of the big boob dealer multiplay BJ machines either. no casinos here but showboat have even the big split machine.

so im walking past a live BJ table $10 at taj, and i see a shitload of small cards on what might be the 5th or 6th hand of a shoe. thinking it might be a shoe with a count thats high, (even though i missed the first few hands) i sit and start to play. bought in $300, and by the time the shoe ended, i was at $810 and quit. went back in the poker room sat in the $10-20 stud, and won the first hand with aa turning into 2 pair on the river and holding up for a big pot, putting the $810 now at $958. but when i left after losing a big pot where i was rolled on 3rd, boat on 5th, $100 bet on 5th street with 4 raises, me capping against 9TQ showing, (on river he hit 4 queens). i had 7771010 on 5th. with 10 10 showing. i only called on the river when he raised, disappointed he had a set and a live draw instead of a straight. but im not about to check on the river when first to act a boat. and thats when i looked around for the entrance to the showboat without having to walk outdoors. not sure how safe the boardwalk is, lots of people say even the inside of the taj isnt safe.

i couldnt find the entrance, asked a couple of hookers walking off the boardwalk inside where it was, and they pointed me to it. it was on the other side. 2 young white girls, and i told them how afraid i was to walk outside with so much cash.

got seated in a game there, finally won at poker, turned $100 into $201, and was getting extra tired, was hearing that NO the spa there isnt free anywhere in ac for diamond members like vegas, and went by the desk, showed my diamond card, and got a quote of $29 to check in then, 1pm late checkout. it was about 3.30 am and i was too tired to go claim my laptop. took the room (great shower) and went to sleep. today wouldve been much higher, at $59.

after waking up i went to ac hilton, no more poker there, not even in the pit as i heard it was moved to. then played at ceasers. couldnt win there, and then ballys. then i ended up finding me a room as i shouldve done first all along. also before i head out to the nugget or revel or ? i need some more sleep if i can. still need to buy a few things at a thrift shop though.

ive heard u can get a room at revel showing a players card hi level elsewhere and signing up but someone else said no u cant.

and just like parx seems u must always post when u first sit down except for ceasers. dont see any plo8 think u must go to foxwoods for that. i'm a little worried about being back to $4800, i must watch it very closely and start grinding it up at poker. also must fix my sleep hours so all my walks to and from the boardwalk and casinos wont be at night.

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