Saturday, June 16, 2012

still in AC, and still have a new forum up

just here to remind old followers about the new blog and forum where i update daily, semidaily, or almost daily. also its been changed to where u no longer are required to login to view the forum. of course, u still need to login to post there.

things arent so good, wish id never came to AC, at least not this time of the year or without a lot more money. am outside on the boardwalk walking up to taj from ballys, (although right this second im briefly seated of course). just lost my entire buyin of $150 in the best $1-3 NL game ive ever seen, all kind of loose action 5 people calling $35 preflop raises, 10 way action in my BB, etc. sure wish i had the bankroll to play in that type of game. a deepstacked guy sitting there next to his woman whose playing loose called my $35 with 67 and flopped 2 pair, but i missed the flop and got out. when down to the final $89, and 5 called his $6 preflop, i shoved with 88 and only he called with 79 offsuit. and he beats me with a pair of 9's. now go ahead and comment here (ignore what i said in my last blog entry) and tell me, (so i know who reads this for one thing) was i smart to not continue to sit in that game since its over my bankroll, or was i dumb to leave such a good table when it would be probably one of the best games in ac right now? i just dont like to sit in games where people have seen me lose, (because it makes me continue to lose usually) and also i really wanted to play stud at the taj instead. just was too lazy to walk the 7 blocks up the boardwalk over there when i first woke up at the pool at ballys.

for those who dont know, all the money went in prefkop. and for those telling me to continue and play, how much should i rebuy for out of a $3100-3200 roll? min buyin is $150 and max $500.

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