Friday, June 29, 2012

time to update

its time to keep this on the blogger updates, so it doesnt get too buried.

Its great to be back in vegas, and great i got to meet everyone at the private riviera tourny set up months ago on my behalf. and so nice to again have rooms on fridays and saturdays. funny thing was, right after i left ac NJ, i finally started getting room offers, and cash offers in my emails. i hadnt been there long enough to be in the system when i was there. got 2 additional free nights and $75 at the revel ill never see (expires july 8) and 2 nights a week and $28 every single week at the taj til the end of august. plus some extra comps.

and i won again tonight. had only 1 bad day since coming to vegas, in which i dropped to the $3100s from the $3500s. now im back in the $3700s, and getting closer to july 1, when i have $300 in free play i can pick up at binions. so nice to have everything in walking distance and never have to leave downtown, kind of like why i spent almost all my time in AC divided up between the taj and the showboat. odd thing was, the one bad day i did have, all the loss came from poker. ive not had any bad losses on the VBJ since returning to vegas. i guess thats cause the payback here is so much better, and since binions still has 1 good BJ machine, it keeps me off the VP machines. in a way it kind of bothers me a bit when the loss comes from poker, because to succeed in life i really need to do well everytime i play poker.

and heres a poll. should i figure out how to remove the disqus commenting system here since this isnt the blog i use anymore? im afraid id lose months of old comments and thats not really my intention.

wish i had a little bit of online money, and also someone to stake me in at least 1 wsop daily tourny, or even a golden nugget or binions classic before it ends. but im not going to spend money depositing if its not really necessary. nor do i want to screw up my pending $250 withdrawal at bovada thats gonna take forever.

so tonight after winning $116 at the nugget and leaving (lots of good games in there tonight) i was sitting on the VBJ at binions a little while, when really i shouldnt since id already earned the daily 300 points. but even still, its about a break even machine, and with comps its over 100%. while i was sitting there playing, i seen a guy talking about his winning craps system on the machine for craps, (the craps machine is usually full of people when the BJ one is empty). which is good in a way, since i like playing alone, and theres only 1 BJ machine left that pays 3-2. i just find it funny so many more people play that machine when theres no way to get it up to 100% like there is with the BJ one. especially when a lot bet both sides to try and get 300 points without risk. but still its 98.5 payback at best, not counting comps, cashback or wheel spins. and the BJ one is 99.69% not counting that.

anyway, this guys talking about how he hasnt lost on it and also lives in laughlin alot and plays a craps machine there. (i later got his email). not sure yet what ill send him. he claims he gets free rooms there all the time, and is now at the plaza downtown vegas. and that hes building up a bankroll to bet high, wants to bet huge money on the machine at caesers, didnt even know caesers has a craps machine, wouldnt think harrahs would offer it as stingy as their machines are. maybe he means live tables? he claims hes not lost at all in laughlin with his system and keeps winning. never bothered to learn what his system was, but i know theres none that work for craps. seems it involves martingaling 3 hands in a row and placing big bets across then taking them down. have tried a strategy somewhat like that years ago, and always would get the inevitable big loss, and gave up on craps and nowdays only play BJ instead.

just goes into how pissed off i am to have such a low bankroll though, for i feel since im a lot smarter to understand how the BJ machine is a much better bet to get the 300 points when most think the craps machine is the better bet, why other people all have more money than me. dont seem fair dont seem right, when i feel everyone else is so much dumber than me (as far as book sense goes that is,) on the things that really matter when it comes to beating gambling and being an AP. yeah i have done some dumb things, (playing machines with poor paybacks) but at least i knew when they were dumb. i did it out of frustration, but not because i was mentally retarded like most people are.

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