Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 good days in a row

tonight was briefly spent with sickcallmggee who picked me up at mcdonalds outside circus, drove me to walmart where i reloaded my card with another $500 and then to hooters where i lost 2 buyins of $50 and $80. good thing i was up over $300 before any of that happened, i still won a little less than $200 today and am up to $2800. most of the wins came from the riviera game, the limit game at circus and the VBJ at slots of fun.

the day started off with me playing at the hardrock, and winning $60. i then left after being there only like 10 minutes, to get to hooters on time. think i paid for at least 2 cabs today, when i have a bus pass, also one monorail ride too. Like a said a bus pass is basically useless for where i needed to go and where im living.

so i got to hooters, and proceeded to lose $52 and i left because i needed to renew my 9 day past due mailbox so id not lose out of important mail, especially when im considering moving out any minute. need at least one address that will remain stable, even though i must close that box soon as possible. took a monorail there right in and right out, and paid the $20 grabbed some unimportant offers from river palms, and left. no wait, i took the bus there (thats when i bought the daily pass) thinking id use it more, such as to go home. it was when i left i took the monorail to the LVH.

played VBJ at LVH, won about $75 and walked up the street to the riviera. won about $75 more there. at first i lost about $50 after briefly having it up to $107. the game was 3 4 and 5 handed, but there was a loose cyclist from sturgis with a lot of chips who played very poorly and though one good asian had a lot of chips i played 3 handed with them since 1 was bad, and they werent playing aggressive. eventually (but before it was that shorthanded) i lost the $50 buyin and then rebought $300. i turned the $300 into $440 and left, went and played VBJ, won about $100 more, then went and won about $100 more at circus in a LIMIT game. couldnt lose. at one point was up about $350 today. kind of like yesterday. but again id gave back alot of it before i got home.

very limited sample size, but $3-6 seems more beatable than $2-4 limit over the long run. herbie is at the commerce. and to my knowledge sickcallmggee still playing at hooters.


  1. Why don't you play LIMIT Holdem for a living. Standard bankroll is 300 big bets, for $3/$6 that is $1800. Since tyou play for a living you should have at least 500 big bets which for $3/$6 is $3000 and you have $2800 so probablky close enough. SA good player can make 1-2 big bets per hour playing a live limit game. So if you could make 2 big bets per hour, play 8 hours a day you will average an income of $96 per day, at 5 days a week this would be a paycheck of nearly $500 a week and close to $2000 a month in income.

  2. Tony why do you keep going to Slots of Fun to play VBJ?

    1. The same reason a heroin addict buys white powder...