Tuesday, September 25, 2012

do any of my local las vegas readers play golf?

ive been on a golf course twice in my life. once with mom as a kid, the time i beat her by scoring 212 to her 280. that was for 18 holes, and we were honest about our scores. the other time was in my early 20s just to see if i could shoot any better than i could as a kid, and this time i got 153.

anyway heres the email the river palms is sending out to their best customers, although ive not given them any action on the VBJ in some time. see it below.

Tony Bigcharles

You are invited to join us for an eventful VIP weekend!
Show your skills at the beautiful Laughlin Ranch Golf Course
during our exciting golf tournament. So grab your favorite
clubs and join us!

Join us for a complimentary 2-night stay which includes:
one free golf tournament entry, Cutter & Buck® Polo Shirt,
Free Ace Blackjack Coupon when booking your reservation
at the Tropicana Laughlin.

5 pm - 9 pm
First Class Registration

-------------------so does anyone want to go, and im thinking there is an extra cost for guests--not totally sure--it said if u have a team of 4 its $100 for each of them.

and i was too tired to post last night, but the day before i wasted most of the day at terribles playing $2-4 limit and when i went home i was still down $50. won a little bit online at home in sngs, im up to $163 on feltstars now. took a cab over to hooters about 3am and played in a pretty loose game, 2 guys got thrown out, one black guy from atlanta was with this one white girl named marissa who is supposedly a poker pro from the commerce, and when he was away she admitted to the floor she admitted to the floor she wasnt looking for a husband and was only with him to take his money. and no i couldnt seem to have any look finding her picture online, dont know her last name, none of the marrissa's into poker in las angeles seemed to be her.

i couldnt get a hand, kept getting unlucky, left only $88 more stuck because of an aces cracked rebate or id lost more, and rode the bus to slotsoffun for a few hours, where i lost $30 more on vbj and now have $158 comp dollara at circus. came home dead tired for real about noon and been asleep all day


  1. Tony, Laughlin Ranch golf course is in my backyard. Although, I think it would be a spectacle worthy of my time to play 9 holes with you, 18 would drag on, plus I'd be worried about the teams behind us hitting golf balls at us because you average 10 shots per hole.

  2. I used to teach golf, worked at numerous courses back in Texas. Not saying I could shoot my weight today but....

  3. on behalf of all golfers, please do not play if you're going to shoot 153

  4. 153?!? Dude, what were you using - a broom?

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