Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i got aces 7 times today during aces cracked

But only got them cracked once. still that was enough to let me leave hooters over $500 ahead, considering i was already ahead over $100 from the hardrock before i came over there. Probably shouldve went home then, and spent the rest of the day online, but i wasnt ready to just yet, and at one point while at the riviera later was briefly ahead over $700. now im home and up over $300 for the day is all, but still a fairly good day compared to most.

also, hows the pokerdogg challenge coming along?

On the way home i stopped at CVS pharmacy by the hardrock to load my netspend debit card so id be carrying less cash, and i was in there about 45 minutes. took forever, they kept having to call moneygram back, and i kept having to do it over again. no idea what was going on. finally it went thru. i hate doing this at night, because i dont like every customer in the store knowing i have that much in cash. this one guy kept looking like he was waiting for everyone to leave so he could rob the store, was buying condoms, just kept walking around, wanted to use the restroom in the back, etc. made me nervous.

stopped in the hardrock on the way home, sat in a good loose game as always (usually the best games in vegas) and lost $74 before the game broke. lots of big stacks at night in here. and u cant tell which women are the hookers either. at terribles u can.

so when i left hooters i made mistake #1 i rode the monorail to the riviera instead of the bus, yes it made me have to make a long walk from the convention center, and i still have no bus pass since i paid $5 one way monorail. also later i paid $11 on a cab cause i didnt want to be outside with all that money id won at a busstop on paradise as opposed to a safer bustop on the strip.

sat in the riv with $50, lost it, and rebought $47 (my odd change and 1 shortbuy). ran that all the way up to $297 and before the blind even got to me i lost it all. here are the hands.

the hand i won, i had 77 and seen the flop for a small raise, and the flop came A7J with 2 hearts. i was first to act and checked, (mistake?) and so did the other 3 players. turn comes offsuit 9, i bet $20, one guy calls, other guy folds, and the button goes allin for like $150. guy who wouldnt chop in the freeroll calls time about right away. the new black guy whod just sat on my immediate left said that was rude of him (agreed) since he did it almost instantly within 10-15 seconds. I was thankful he stuck up for me, this was a pretty big decision, for i didnt know if i was drawing to 1 out. i called, and the guy who called time folded, turns out the guy who put me allin turned a straight, but i rivered the boat.

thats when i was briefly over $700 up for the day. and then this hand took place that sent me out of there only up $400+ and i went on home after first going across the street to slotsoffun and finding no fully empty VBJ machines. (they have 3). by home i mean the cab to the CVS pharmacy.

i limped in late position for $3 with KJ off, and a regular made it $13, thats when i made the terrible mistake of calling. but so did 5 others. flop comes K54 with 2 spades, we all checked to the raiser who bets $20. (now at this point what would u put him on? and why only $20?). was surprised to see all fold to me, and i called. turn comes J making a 3rd spade, and me top 2 pair. here is the next mistake, i went allin for $214, and he called. i thought he had like AK with a spades, or like aa with one spade, and i didnt want to risk a free card, also i felt like it was my night to win really really big. turns out he had AT of spades for nut flush. so i felt pretty dumb. what would u have done on the turn?

the way to avoid these situations is to simply fold preflop, i knew that was a horrible mistake. probably my biggest mistake was not going straight home from hooters.


  1. I like how your first inclination after losing that big pot was to hit the VBJ machine. Good choice. I think you are a way better VBJ player than you are a poker player. You need to work on putting more hours in at VBJ. You should have waited for that machine to open up.

  2. Congrats on the win Tony. I wonder if you won more money when your aces DIDN'T get cracked than when they did. I know you love getting them cracked but AA can win you a monster pot and if it doesn't, the Aces Cracked promotion is your safety net.

    Oh and there's no way I would've checked your trip 7s when there were 2 hearts on the board. You're asking for trouble.

  3. You were still up for the day, but found it necessary to hit the VJB machine. Can you please provide your logic for doing so?

    Good luck, of course,


    1. Addiction knows no logic. However, we can ask Tony about his emotional reaction to the lose with the KJ hand (played badly BTW), and any other triggers that made him looking for a VBJ machine.

  4. Yes. Have to agree. Professional VBJ is the way to go.

  5. Yes. Have to agree. Professional VBJ is the way to go.

  6. "and u cant tell which women are the hookers either. at terribles u can."

    And this is important to you, because... (?)

  7. You have somewhere to live, you need money. You make money, and then piss it away !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It would have been hard to play that KJ hand worse, Tony!

  9. I don't think you necessarily need to fold KJ off in that spot (although folding is certainly not awful). What you need to do is improve post flop play. With $214 behind, you can bet the turn without shoving and still make him "pay" to see a card. You can get value for you hand if he is drawing, and can reassess on the river. Just my two cents, but the shove seems like a panick move that, more often than not, is only going to get called when you are behind.

    It's a damn shame there's no way to keep track of whether such a move is +EV over time . . .

  10. Tony, perhaps the best thing about your old forum was the "back and forth" between posters. This new system, where it takes you a day to approve comments, just ruins it. True, at times, people may post negative or inappropriate comments. But, isn't that better than killing the vibe of the blog?

  11. Tony, for the KO count system, here's what you do, for a game that's 6 decks:

    At the shuffle, start with a count of -20
    For every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, add 1 to the count
    For every A, or T, subtract 1 from the count

    Bet $1 when the count is below -5
    Bet $2 when it's at -4
    For every 1 the count goes above -4, add $1 or $2 to your bet

    It's very simple, there's no need to do deck estimation or true count, the system is based off just the running count and it's a solid system that works. This would be great for VBJ where it's difficult to do a true count, as long as you're sure about the shuffle point.

  12. Tony, this blog is getting really boring. Please move it back to Pro-boards.

    This format sucks.

  13. Tony, are you moving back to the other forum again?